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15:38 Post No Evil: Content Moderation Decisions Are Always Trickier Than You Think (16)
13:22 Hong Kong's National Security Law Allows Police To Censor The Internet, Compel Decryption (7)
12:02 Why Does Richard Blumenthal Always Feel The Need To Lie About Section 230? (28)
10:53 News Company's 'Digital Audience Director' Fails To Understand Embedding, Issues Bogus DMCA Takedown Notices (12)
10:46 Daily Deal: The Pro Photography & Photoshop 20 Course Bundle (0)
09:31 Harper's Gives Prestigious Platform To Famous Writers So They Can Whine About Being Silenced (400)
06:33 House Passes Massive Broadband Bill That Surprisingly Doesn't Suck (10)
03:28 New Indictment Tries To Tie Julian Assange To A Hacking He Had Nothing To Do With (18)


19:46 Sci-Hub Downloads Boost Article Citations -- And Help Academic Publishers (15)
15:30 Court Shoots Down AT&T, Comcast Attempt To Crush Maine Privacy Law (9)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 248: The Most Serious Threat To Section 230 (0)
12:00 Unbridled Surveillance Will Not Save Us From COVID-19 (5)
10:57 In The Middle Of A Pandemic, ICE Says Foreign Students Must Attend Physical Classes If They Don't Want To Be Kicked Out Of The Country (90)
10:53 Daily Deal: The WordPress Master Class Bundle ft. Elementor & WooCommerce (0)
09:33 Pompeo Says US May Ban TikTok; It's Not Clear That It Can (45)
06:17 FCC's Assault On Low-Income Broadband Program Is Making The COVID-19 Crisis Worse (46)
03:14 Federal Case Shows Cops Still Have Plenty Of Options When Dealing With Device Encryption (25)


19:26 More Disputes Over Trademarked Area Codes. Why Is This Allowed Again? (32)
15:28 Lawsuit & Bi-Partisan Group Of Senators Seek To Push Back On Trump Administration's Attempt To Corrupt The Open Technology Fund (10)
13:33 New 'National Security' Law Threatens Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protesters With Life In Prison (36)
12:16 For All The Hype, Trump's Favorite 'News' Channel (OAN) Faces Shrinking Footprint (19)
10:41 Researcher Buys Axon Cameras On eBay, Finds They're Still Filled With Recordings (14)
10:36 Daily Deal: Master the Science of Memory, Leadership & Focus Bundle (0)
09:30 New EARN IT Act Creates An Insane New Dilemma: Either Encrypt All Or Spy On All (16)
06:16 Chinese 5G Plans Start At $10, Showing The 'Race to 5G' Isn't Much Of One (12)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (34)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: June 28th - July 4th (10)


19:39 Research Libraries Tell Publishers To Drop Their Awful Lawsuit Against The Internet Archive (116)
15:48 That Was Quick: Appellate Court Says Simon & Schuster Not Subject To Prior Restraint Order Over Mary Trump's Book; But Fight's Not Over Yet (42)
13:56 Boston The Latest City To Ban Facial Recognition Use By Government Agencies (4)
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