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13:52 State Actors Are Increasingly Targeting Journalists With Surveillance Malware (9)
12:14 No, Google Isn't Hiding Elizabeth Warren's Emails To Promote Mayor Pete (24)
10:43 State Court Says It Isn't Theft To Remove An Unmarked Law Enforcement Tracking Device From Your Car (46)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Cisco Networking Expert Training Bundle (0)
09:26 The Law Doesn't Care About Your Feelings: 9th Circuit Slams Prager University For Its Silly Lawsuit Against YouTube (30)
06:18 Hoping To Combat ISP Snooping, Mozilla Enables Encrypted DNS (22)
03:20 Trump Campaign Files Laughably Stupid SLAPP Suit Over A NY Times Opinion Piece (49)


19:46 Judge Tears Into Cops For Beating A Man Who Dared To Question Their Words And Actions (73)
14:47 Copyright In The Modern Era: Fortnite Lets Players Mute Emote To Avoid Auto-Copyright Claims Against YouTubers (89)
12:45 Public Citizen Weighs In On Why Court Should Protect @DevinCow's Information Under The 1st Amendment (16)
10:46 NSA Blew $100 Million On Phone Records Over Five Years, Generated Exactly One Usable Lead (8)
10:41 Daily Deal: SlideHeap Slide Templates Professional Plan (0)
09:33 Rep. Cicilline Wants To Remove Section 230 Protections For Platforms That Host 'Demonstrably False' Political Ads (63)
06:17 The FCC To Field More Comments On Net Neutrality. Maybe They'll Stop Identity Theft And Fraud This Time? (72)
03:14 Law Enforcement Official Claims Citizens Use Better Encryption Than Cops Do (38)


19:53 Smithsonian Releases 2.8 Million Images And 3D Models Into The Public Domain (17)
15:46 Senators Pitch Temporary Facial Recognition Ban, Leave Door Wide Open For Abuse By Federal Agencies (11)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 240: The Fate Of HQ Trivia (0)
11:58 Stalkerware Developer Demands TechCrunch Remove Article Detailing Its Leaking Of Sensitive Data (13)
10:45 NPR Pulls Out The Big Guns: Asks For Sanctions Against Lawyer Steven Biss For Lying (20)
10:40 Daily Deal: The 2020 Complete Java Master Class Bundle (3)
09:24 Barr's Motives, Encryption and Protecting Children; DOJ 230 Workshop Review, Part III (35)
06:20 AT&T Loses California Case After Lying To Consumers About 'Unlimited' Data Throttling (19)
03:20 Greyhound Finally Bans CBP, Border Patrol From Suspicionless Searches Of Its Buses And Passengers (38)


19:54 Not Clearly Established A Jailer Can't Spray A Prisoner In The Eyes With Pepper Spray For No Reason, Says Fifth Circuit (64)
15:39 Can You License A Video You Don't Hold The Copyright Over? (34)
13:31 South Carolina's Top Court Decides Black Men Should Feel Free To Terminate 'Consensual' Stops By Law Enforcement Officers (32)
12:04 Ring Continues To Pitch Facial Recognition To Law Enforcement While Claiming It Won't Be Adding Facial Recognition To Its Cameras (8)
10:44 As Court Finally Dumps One Of Devin Nunes' Ridiculous Lawsuits (With A Warning About Sanctions), Nunes Promises To File Another (25)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Mac Utility Audio Software Bundle (0)
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