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15:49 BMG, Aggressive Champion Of Copyright Enforcement, Accused Of Copyright Infringement By Jehovah's Witnesses (44)
13:47 South Carolina Justices Seem Unimpressed By Government's Inability To Honestly Answer Questions About Forfeiture Abuse (7)
12:08 Google Threatens To Pull Out Of Australia Entirely; Australians Demand That It Both Stay And Pay News Orgs For Giving Them Traffic (82)
10:45 New Interim FCC Boss Jessica Rosenworcel Will Likely Restore Net Neutrality, Just Not Yet (5)
10:40 Daily Deal: Blade Bone Conduction Speaker (0)
09:34 Disingenuous, Lying, Whining, Bloviating, Insurrection Encouraging Senator Josh Hawley Given Pages Of Major Newspaper To Explain How He's Being Silenced (42)
06:29 Congressman Asks House Education Committee To Look At Pre-Crime Program Targeting Florida Schoolkids (22)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (21)


11:00 Gaming Like It's 1925: Last Week To Join The Public Domain Game Jam! (5)


19:39 Appeals Court Rejects Clearview's Attempt To Dodge A State Lawsuit By Trying To Make It A Federal Case (5)
15:45 Content Moderation Case Study: Facebook Targets Misinformation Spread By The Philippines Government (2020) (10)
13:47 Biden Fires Steve Bannon Protege, Who Tried To Turn Voice Of America Into A New Breitbart (22)
12:14 Turns Out That Brexit Means Rotting Pigs' Heads, And Losing An EU Copyright Exception (32)
10:49 EFF Tells Louisiana Court Satire Is Still Protected Speech Even If The Government Doesn't Get The Joke (19)
10:44 Daily Deal: BitDegree Academy AWS Online Courses And Practice Exams (0)
09:48 Court Tosses RICO Lawsuit Demanding $90 Million And The Dissolution Of Google For Supposed Anti-Conservative Bias (24)
05:58 Amazon Ring App Found To Be (Again) Exposing User Locations, Home Addresses (16)


19:48 The Esports Industry Grew; Now It's Time For It To Grow Up (12)
15:51 Judge Easily Rejects Parler's Demands To Have Amazon Reinstate Parler (67)
13:39 Flo Period App Gets A Wrist Slap For Sharing Private Health Data (3)
12:19 Adding To Its Long List Of Arrested Deputies, Polk County Sheriff Arrests Deputy For Capitol-Related Threats (11)
10:41 Oversight Board Agrees To Review Facebook's Trump Suspension (16)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Complete Chess Bundle (0)
09:35 New York Times Decides Kids Are Playing Too Many Video Games During The Pandemic (41)
06:33 Outgoing FCC's Last Act Is A Delusional Report That Pretends US Broadband Is Wonderful (9)
03:33 Arizona Prosecutors Pretend 'ACAB' Is Gang Lingo To Hit Protesters With Felony Gang Charges (21)


20:11 SCOTUS Refuses To Hear Case Between Jack Daniels And VIP Products Over Doggy Chew Toy (10)
15:53 Content Moderation Case Study: Using Hashes And Scanning To Stop Cloud Storage From Being Used For Infringement (2014) (8)
13:39 Inauguration Has Happened, Google And Facebook Should End The Ban On Political Advertisements (21)
12:02 Reform Works: For The First Time EVER, Newark Cops Go An Entire Year Without Firing Their Guns, Being Sued (24)
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