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stories filed under: "policy"


by Mike Masnick

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copia, hacking, innovation, lobbying, policy


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06:27 Court Documents Appear To Confirm The FBI Is Using Best Buy Techs To Perform Warrantless Searches For It (38)
03:23 Top UK Cop Says Hackers Should Be Punished Not With Prison, But With Jammed WiFi Connections (46)


17:00 Florida PD's Stingray Documents Oddly Don't Mention Stingrays Once (3)
11:55 Techdirt's First Amendment Fight For Its Life (370)
10:45 Verizon Insists Higher Phone Upgrades Are Being Used To Enhance The Network Instead Of Make Up Revenue Decline (20)
10:40 Daily Deal: The Professional Android Developer Bundle (1)
09:33 'For The Children' Cyberbullying Law Running Into Opposition From Groups Actually Concerned About Children (18)
08:25 Donald Trump Learns Why It's Important Not To 'Open Up' Libel Laws, As Suit Against Him Is Tossed (66)
06:26 AT&T Intends To Dodge FCC Review Of Time Warner Mega-Merger, But Trump Remains A Wild Card (10)
03:26 Sheriff's Office Raids Home, Seizes All The Furniture, Ultimately Returns Everything But The Couch (45)


17:46 Iceland Forms A New Government... Without The Pirate Party (20)
14:50 Twitter Kills Another Social Media Monitoring Service's Connection To Its Every-Tweet-Ever Feed (5)
13:15 Techdirt Podcast Episode 104: The Pros And Cons Of Pros And Cons (3)
11:54 Another Convicted Felon Tries To Use The DMCA Process To Erase DOJ Press Releases About His Criminal Acts (13)
10:42 Verizon Cracks Down On Unlimited Data Users, Claims Nobody Wants Unlimited Data Anyway (42)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Comprehensive Cyber Threat Analysis Bundle (0)
09:39 Destined For Failure: Woman Sues Search Engines Over Revenge Porn Search Results (24)
08:27 ISPs Get Right To Work Pushing For Elimination Of New FCC Broadband Privacy Rules (18)
06:22 Backpage Kills Adult Ads On The Same Day Supreme Court Backed Its Legal Protections, Due To Grandstanding Senators (43)
03:23 Turkey Is Building Domestic Replacements For Gmail and Google (31)


17:06 Tanzanian Farmers Face 12 Years In Prison For Selling Seeds As They've Done For Generations (138)
14:49 Prosecutors Looking Into $2 Field Drug Tests After Investigation, Figure Defense Attorneys Should Do All The Work (31)
13:15 National Police Union President Says Asset Forfeiture Abuse Is A 'Fake Issue' Generated By The Media (31)
11:59 Bulgarian Public Radio Forbidden To Play 14 Million Pieces Of Music By Copyright Collection Society (20)
10:50 Net Neutrality Hating, SOPA-Loving Marsha Blackburn Pegged To Chair Key Technology & Telecom Subcommittee (26)
10:45 Daily Deal: Boombotix Boombot Bass Station (0)
09:44 What The US Intelligence 'Russia Hacked Our Election' Report Could Have Said... But Didn't (127)
08:48 FBI Releases A Stack Of Redactions In Response To FOIA Request For Info On Its Purchased iPhone Hack (9)
06:43 The FBI Is Apparently Paying Geek Squad Members To Dig Around In Computers For Evidence Of Criminal Activity (340)
03:39 Congressman Appoints Himself Censor, Removes Painting Critical Of Cops From Congressional Halls (67)
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