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13:30 Government Argues In Court That It Can Kill US Citizens At Will With Zero Judicial Oversight (53)
11:59 Bad Analogy: Comparing Social Media To Guns (111)
10:49 US Military Is Buying Location Data From Data Brokers, Including Data Pulled From US App Users (7)
10:43 Daily Deal: The Professional Video And Audio Production Bundle (0)
09:27 White House Offers To Allow Renaming Confederate Bases... In Exchange For Getting Rid Of Section 230 (50)
06:32 More Evidence FCC Claims That Killing Net Neutrality Would Boost Broadband Investment Were Bullshit (13)
03:25 Poland's Bid To Get Upload Filters Taken Out Of The EU Copyright Directive Suddenly Looks Much More Hopeful (9)


19:49 Beijing Tightens Grip On Hong Kong With Arrest Of Pro-Democracy Lawmakers (18)
15:51 Content Moderation Case Study: Documenting Police Brutality (2007) (5)
13:46 Louisville PD Hid Thousands Of Records Detailing Officers' Abuse Of Minors, Deleted Backups When Local Paper Asked For Them (41)
12:10 10 Years Of U.S. Broadband Policy Has Been A Colossal Failure (6)
10:53 Disney (Disney!) Accused Of Trying To Lawyer Its Way Out Of Paying Royalties To Alan Dean Foster (80)
10:48 Daily Deal: The Electrical And Circuits Engineering Bundle (0)
09:43 'You Have Zero Privacy' Say RCMP Social Media Surveillance Documents Before Going On To Demonstrate Why (11)
06:36 'Activist' Investor Elliott Management Sells Stake In AT&T After Encouraging Mass Firings (12)
03:34 Twitch's No Good, Very Bad Time Continues: Part 2 (24)


20:21 Twitch's No Good, Very Bad Time Continues: Part 1 (18)
15:28 Devin Nunes Files Another SLAPP Suit; Sues The Washington Post Again (21)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 263: Is The Techlash Over? (1)
12:10 Why Don't Conservatives Care About Copyright? (121)
11:42 New Gear On Threadless: Fire In A Crowded Theatre (9)
10:48 EU Court Backs Austrian Court, Says Local Libel Law Applies Everywhere In The World (36)
10:43 Daily Deal: Apple MacBook Air (Refurbished) (0)
09:35 Day After Senator Lindsey Graham Is Credibly Accused Of Trying To Undermine The Election, He Hosts Hearing Attacking Social Media For Undermining Election (49)
06:38 Bullshit Broadband Usage Caps Are Hugely Profitable During A Pandemic (14)
03:39 Trump Fires US Cybersecurity Director Chris Krebs After Krebs Debunks Trump's Claims Of Election Systems Fraud (88)


19:41 Hugo Boss And Art Teacher Reach 'Amicable Solution' Over 'Be Boss, Be Kind' Trademark Application (17)
15:38 Instructors And School Administrators Are Somehow Managing To Make Intrusive Testing Spyware Even Worse (46)
13:53 Federal Court Says State Regulation That Compels Production Of Code May Violate The First Amendment (59)
12:18 Digital Redlining: ISPs Widening The Digital Divide (14)
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