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by Mike Masnick

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copyright, open, textbooks


by Glyn Moody

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gag clause, government, open, open data

Business Models

by Mike Masnick

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free, open, text books

flat world knowledge


by Glyn Moody

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biotech, innovation, open, open access, patents


by Zachary Knight

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awesome, connect with fans, honest, human, open

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10:35 Daily Deal: The Complete C++ Programming Bundle (3)
09:36 North Carolina's New Broadband Plan Forgets To Include 'Don't Let ISP Lobbyists Write Shitty State Telecom Law' (3)
08:33 Russia's Problem (According To Russian Politicians): Not Enough Mass Surveillance (21)
06:32 Sony Settlement Gives PS3 Owners $9 After Company Made Console Less Useful Via Firmware Update (32)
03:25 Open Access Idaho Broadband Network Lets Customers Switch To A New ISP In Seconds (5)


23:23 Texas Trademark Spat Full Of Crap? (10)
17:00 DailyDirt: Smarter Than The Average Bear Cat... Bird? (8)
15:47 As Republicans Turn Off House Live Feed, Reps & C-SPAN Turn To Periscope And Facebook Live Video To Cover Sit In (96)
14:26 Senate Just Barely Rejects Plan To Expand FBI Surveillance Powers (9)
12:38 Cinemark Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Roblox Over User-Generated Content (25)
11:41 DOJ Insists That Rule 41 Change Is Not Important, Nothing To See Here, Move On Annoying Privacy Activist People (28)
10:38 Fake Satoshi Nakamoto Trying To Patent All Sorts Of Bitcoin Related Ideas (12)
10:32 Daily Deal: G Cloud Unlimited Backup 5 Years Subscription (1)
09:33 MPAA Happily Gets Into Bed With Russian State Censor Agency... To Protect Copyright! (15)
08:30 Guy In Australia Pleads Guilty To Criminal Trolling On Facebook, Faces 3 Years In Jail (58)
06:23 Study Finds That T-Mobile's Binge On Is Exploitable, Unreliable, And Still Violates Net Neutrality (24)
03:20 Court Refuses To Uphold Evidence Seized During A Completely Bogus Traffic Stop (33)


23:23 No Man's Sky Settles With Sky TV So It Can Have 'Sky' In Its Name (18)
17:00 DailyDirt: Crazy Cars That No One Drives (7)
15:43 Supreme Court Says, Yes, The Patent Office Can Review Crappy Patents Using Broad Standards (9)
14:03 Customs Agents, Local Doctor Subject 18-Year-Old To Vaginal, Rectal Probing In Search Of Nonexistent Drugs (142)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 78: What's Next For Online Video? (3)
11:49 Bitcoin Evangelist Has Podcast Go Bad, Threatens To Sue After It's Posted (16)
10:44 Seeing Opportunity, Congress Tries To Rush Through Its Plan To Legalize FBI Abuses Citing 'Orlando!' (35)
10:39 Daily Deal: Complete Photography Bundle (0)
09:42 DOJ Drops Stupid Drug Trafficking Charges Against FedEx After Judge Criticizes Its 'Novel Prosecution' (37)
08:37 Cable Industry: Our Shitty TV Apps Are Just As Good As Real Cable Box Competition, Right? (18)
06:23 NY Post Craps On NYC's Plan To Offer Free Wi-Fi -- Because The Homeless Might Watch Porn (50)
03:25 Baltimore Transit Officials Won't Release Footage Of Freddie Gray Protests Because Everything Is Always About 'Terrorism' (15)


23:23 Body Cam Footage Of Cop Hitting Handcuffed Man Leads To Firing Of Three New Orleans Police Officers (45)
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