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by Tim Cushing

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fisa court, nsa, patriot act, section 215, surveillance


by Glyn Moody

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austria, austrian parliament, gchq, nsa, privacy, surveillance


by Tim Cushing

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backdoors, fake addresses, interception, nsa, shipping, surveillance


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11:34 Police Cameras Are Valuable... But Not If They Can Alter The Videos (57)
10:30 Foursquare COO Says Small Businesses 'Take It On the Chin' When It Comes to Patent Trolling (10)
09:33 United Airlines Requires You To Install Special Brand Of DRM To Watch Movies On Flights (53)
08:32 Even If You Think Kim Dotcom Is Guilty As Sin, The US Government Stealing His Assets Should Concern You (198)
06:30 Comcast Really Wants Me To Stop Calling Their Top Lobbyist A 'Top Lobbyist' (163)
04:29 Dueling Lawsuits Threaten The NFL, DirecTV's Annoying Sunday Ticket Exclusive (11)
01:30 African Nations Agree To Plant Variety Treaty; Traditional Farmers' Group Shut Out From Negotiations (12)


21:29 Suspended Cop Sends Email To Department Thanking Them For The Paid Time Off (31)
17:00 DailyDirt: Manned Space Exploration Is Coming Back (16)
15:14 NYPD Officials Apparently Deleting Incriminating Communications Related To Alleged Illegal Summons Quotas (19)
13:53 IRS Encrypts An Entire CD Of Redacted Documents In Response To FOIA Request (19)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 34: Apple Versus Google (7)
11:39 German Film Distributor Issues Takedown Request Falsely Targeting IMDb, Reddit And Techdirt (32)
11:34 Daily Deal: Speedy 50W 5-Port USB Charger (9)
10:33 Newsflash: Car Network Security Is Still A Horrible, Very Dangerous Joke (51)
09:31 NY Times Falsely Claims ISIS Is Using Encryption & Couriers Because Snowden (50)
08:12 Driverless Cars: Disrupting Government Reliance On Petty Traffic Enforcement (96)
06:15 Verizon Support Wants You To Know That Twitter Is A Perfectly Secure Way To Send Them Your Social Security Number (29)
04:07 If The UK Wants People To 'Respect' Copyright, Outlawing Ripping CDs Is Probably Not Helping (86)
01:06 TPP Likely To Force Canada To Repeal Local Data Protection Laws (19)


21:08 State Court: Nothing 'Stale' About Evidence Nearly A Quarter-Century Old (18)
17:00 DailyDirt: Joe Life Versus The Volcano (1)
15:56 Charlie Hebdo Bows To Assassins' Veto, Hecklers' Veto; Will No Longer Mock Mohammed (109)
14:53 Google Follows Newegg In Going Over East Texas Court's Head To Ask Court Be Ordered To Do Its Damn Job (7)
13:35 Marital Infidelity Site AshleyMadison Hacked, But Claims No One Should Worry Since It DMCA'd All Leaked Copies (31)
12:36 One Direction Offers Remix Competition, Then Sony/Soundcloud Punish The Entrants As Copyright Infringers (32)
11:21 NYC Mayor Picks Fight With Uber That He Cannot Win (29)
11:16 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want: Web Hacker Bundle (0)
10:12 General Wesley Clark: Some WWII-Style Internment Camps Are Just The Thing We Need To Fight Domestic Radicalization (153)
09:09 Canadian Court Says Google Isn't A 'Publisher,' Not Responsible For Defamatory Content Returned In Search Results (35)
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