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12:41 DOJ Headed By William Barr Asked To Explain Warrantless Bulk Data Collection William Barr Authorized 27 Years Ago When He Was The Head Of The DOJ (41)
10:38 Defense Department To Congress: 'No, Wait, Encryption Is Actually Good; Don't Break It' (22)
10:33 Daily Deal: Apple iMac 21.5" Intel i3-2100 Dual Core 3.1GHz 250GB (Certified-Refurbished) (1)
09:26 As Trial Begins, Evidence Shows Sprint, T-Mobile Know Merger Will Raise Prices (14)
06:55 Twitter Makes A Bet On Protocols Over Platforms (68)
03:27 Judge Orders Man Who Violated Recording Ban To Publish An Essay About Respecting The Court AND To Delete All Negative Comments From Readers (62)


19:33 Trolling The Trademark Troll: Lemonade CEO Releases Chrome Extension To Remove Magenta From Websites (18)
15:33 FTC Slaps Cambridge Analytica With An Order Barring The Already Defunct Company From Illegally Collecting Data Ever Again (13)
13:31 DHS Sued Over First Amendment-Trampling Social Media Vetting Program (31)
12:03 The Afghanistan Papers v. The Pentagon Papers: How A Whistleblower Worked Much Better Than Endless FOIA Litigation (14)
10:45 Four Congressional Reps Ask Bill Barr To Restart His War On Porn (141)
10:42 Daily Deal: The A to Z Cyber Security & IT Training Bundle (0)
09:40 Verizon Is Undermining Efforts To Archive Yahoo Groups...For No Coherent Reason (20)
06:45 France, As Promised, Is First Out Of The Gate With Its Awful Copyright Directive Law: Ignores Requirements For User Protections (36)
03:42 Cops Offered Deeper Discounts On Ring Cameras Depending On How Much Of The Neighborhood The Cameras Would Surveil (24)


19:29 Russia Blocks All Of Shutterstock Due To 'Offensive' Image Involving The Russian Flag (20)
15:32 The Subtweet Defense Wins: Elon Musk Cleared In Defamation Case (37)
13:32 Attorney General To Law Enforcement Critics: Good Luck Getting A Cop When You Need One (67)
11:58 Revolving Door Revolves Some More: Head Of Copyright Office Leaves To Join MPAA (10)
10:44 Ex-Governor Tries To Silence A Critic With A Bar Complaint; Gains Critic 70,000+ New Twitter Followers (24)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Ultimate 2020 Web Designer & Developer Bundle (3)
09:21 Lawyer Asks Racists To Use Sketchy Millions They Got From UNC To Fund Scholarships For Black Students To Avoid Lawsuit For Bogus Takedown (23)
06:14 Study Says US Ranked 68th Out Of 100 In Mobile Video Quality (10)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (16)


12:00 Last Chance To Get CIA: Collect It All For Christmas With Standard Shipping, And Save 25% (1)


19:39 Disney's Decision Not To Renew SecuROM License Bricks 'Tron: Evolution' (98)
14:45 California Supreme Court Closes Warrantless Vehicle Search Loophole (7)
12:44 The FBI Says Your TV Is Probably Spying On You (109)
11:35 CIA: Collect It All Is 25% Off. Only Three Days Left To Order For Christmas With Standard Shipping! (2)
10:38 Another Federal Court Says Compelled Production Of Fingerprints To Unlock A Phone Doesn't Violate The Constitution (25)
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