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by Mike Masnick

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copyright, culture, music, tom lehrer

Business Models

by Tim Cushing

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art, music, scarcity, wu-tang clan

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09:41 Newt Gingrich: Merely Visiting An ISIS Or Al Qaeda Website Should Be A Felony (108)
08:33 Why Is The UK's Intellectual Property Office Praising National Portrait Gallery's Copyfraud Claims Over Public Domain Images? (25)
06:43 Police Step Up Arrests For 'Threatening' Social Media Posts In The Wake Of The Dallas Shooting (43)
03:45 Treaty For The Blind Comes Into Force... But US Refuses To Ratify Because Publishers Association Hates Any User Rights (20)


21:38 AstraZeneca Tries To Use 'Orphan Drug' Designation To Extend Patent Life Of Top-Selling Pill (19)
16:04 Ton Of Tech Industry Leaders Say Trump Would Be A Complete Disaster For Innovation (117)
14:24 With 4 Days Left, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Larry Lessig, And Barbara Van Schewick Beg Europe To Close Net Neutrality Loopholes (9)
12:47 Techdirt Reading List: Steal This Idea: Intellectual Property And The Corporate Confiscation Of Creativity (6)
11:48 For The First Time, A Federal Judge Has Suppressed Evidence Obtained With A Stingray Device (19)
10:44 Huge Win: Court Says Microsoft Does Not Need To Respond To US Warrant For Overseas Data (24)
10:39 Daily Deal: Windscribe VPN Lifetime Subscription (3)
09:37 Yes, ISIS Is Using Encryption -- But Not Very Well (30)
08:30 Pam Geller Sues The US Gov't Because Facebook Blocked Her Page; Says CDA 230 Violates First Amendment (80)
06:28 Comcast Expands Usage Caps, Still Pretending This Is A Neccessary Trial Where Consumer Opinion Matters (29)
03:27 Man Who Doxxed Dozens Of People, Engaged In Nineteen 'Swattings', Nets Only One Year In Prison (59)


21:58 China Forbids The Use Of English Words In Mobile Games (7)
16:00 Private Internet Access Leaves Russia, Following Encryption Ban And Seized Servers (32)
14:30 Good News: Carla Hayden Easily Approved As The New Librarian Of Congress (11)
13:02 Agent's Testimony Shows FBI Not All That Interested In Ensuring The Integrity Of Its Forensic Evidence (36)
11:41 Appeals Court: It Violates CFAA For Service To Access Facebook On Behalf Of Users, Because Facebook Sent Cease & Desist (34)
10:43 Minneapolis PD Issues Questionable DMCA Notice To Bury Its Controversial Recruitment Video (22)
10:38 Daily Deal: JavaScript Coding 2016 Bundle (0)
09:43 Google Issues Its Latest 'Stop Blaming Us For Piracy' Report (36)
08:42 American Medical Association Claims False Copyright Over President Obama's Journal Article (30)
06:41 Verizon Tries To 'Debunk' News Reports Pointing Out Its New Wireless Plans Stink (39)
03:35 France Might Allow NGOs To Sell Public Domain Seeds To Non-Commercial Buyers. Might? (15)


21:37 China Decrees That All News On Websites Must Funnel Through Government Approval (20)
15:52 Judge Upholds UPS Employee/Paid Informant's Search Of An Intercepted Package (41)
14:17 USOC Demands That Company Take Down Twitter Posts Of Olympic Athlete It Sponsors (35)
12:47 Techdirt Podcast Episode 81: Senator Wyden On The Expansion Of FBI Surveillance (8)
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