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10:30 Daily Deal: Black Friday Price Drops And Discounts (2)


19:39 Facebook, China, Fake News And The Slippery Slope Of Censorship (34)
17:02 Homeland Security Issues 'Strategic Principles' For Securing The Internet Of Broken Things (34)
14:53 Electronic Arts Unveils New Policy For Marking YouTube Videos As 'Supported' Or 'Advertisement' (9)
12:59 Bill Introduced To Push Back Approval Of DOJ's Proposed Rule 41 Changes (23)
11:48 Alex Halderman Clarifies: Not Sure If Election Was Hacked, But, Uh, Shouldn't Someone Be Checking To Make Sure? (96)
10:47 TPP Dead, TTIP Dying, But The EU And Canada Seem Determined To Ram Through CETA Deal Without Proper Scrutiny (16)
10:42 Daily Deal: Learn To Code 2017 Bundle Pay What You Want (0)
09:32 Court (Again) Tosses Lawsuit Seeking To Hold Twitter Accountable For ISIS Terrorism (18)
08:24 AT&T Tells FCC That Giving Its Own Content An Unfair Market Advantage Is Good For Consumers (45)
06:27 China Uses US Concern Over Fake News To Push For More Control Of The Internet (34)
03:23 After All That, E-Voting Experts Suggest Voting Machines May Have Been Hacked For Trump (128)


17:10 Adidas Can't Trademark 'Adizero' Because A Small Chicago Church Sold Two 'Add A Zero' Hats To Someone In Wisconsin (24)
14:42 Twitter Says Its API Can't Be Used For Surveillance, But What Does It Think The FBI's Going To Do With It? (14)
13:00 The Techdirt Podcast: Greatest Hits! (0)
11:56 MacWorld, PCWorld Kill Site Comments Because They 'Value And Welcome Feedback' (41)
10:45 Convicted Felon Ask Google To Delist Multiple Government Websites Because His Name Is Protected By 'Common Law Trademark' (22)
10:43 Daily Deal: G-TUBE Adventure Ready Bluetooth Speaker (0)
09:46 Trump Formally Picks Two Net Neutrality Opponents To Head FCC Transition (84)
08:43 Ridiculous Hot News And Copyright Battles As World Chess Seeks To Block Others From Broadcasting Moves (22)
06:37 Cable's Broadband Monopoly Is Becoming Stronger Than Ever (27)
03:38 Another State Court Says Speedy Fourth Amendment Violations Are Still Just Fourth Amendment Violations (24)


17:13 Theranos's Insane Campaign To Punish Whistleblower, Who Happened To Be Famous Boardmember's Grandson (22)
14:47 Facebook Finds More Broken Metrics, Metrics Industry Rejoices (8)
13:10 Woman Sues Google Because SEO Guy Wrote A Mean Blog About Her Company (38)
11:50 Federal Judge Now Taking A Closer Look At Bogus Libel Lawsuits Filed By Unscrupulous Reputation Management Companies (12)
10:45 State Senator Wants To Turn First Amendment Activity Into 'Economic Terrorism' (104)
10:40 Daily Deal: Last Chance Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Server Infrastructure Bundle (3)
09:34 Burlington Police Insist Someone Is Pretending To Abuse Copyright Law To Censor News Stories About Arrests (26)
08:28 NSA Leaked More Hacking Tools, Leading To Calls To Fire Its Director... Who Ran To Trump For Support (28)
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