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by Mike Masnick

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copyright, culture, music, tom lehrer

Business Models

by Tim Cushing

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art, music, scarcity, wu-tang clan


by Tim Cushing

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copyright, divorce, music, smokey robinson

Music Industry

by Mike Masnick

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music, streaming


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06:34 New Report Debunks FBI's 'Going Dark' FUD (9)
03:29 YouTube Wins This Round In Germany In The Stupid Neverending War With GEMA Over Streaming Rates (30)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (6)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: January 24th - 30th (2)
09:00 Awesome Stuff: Celebrating Cities (1)


19:39 Monkey See, Monkey Do, But Judge Says Monkey Gets No Copyright (110)
18:12 Former FTC CTO Ashkan Soltani Denied Security Clearance, Perhaps Because He Helped In Reporting On Snowden Docs (39)
17:00 DailyDirt: Winning Isn't Everything (5)
15:33 Stupid Patent Of The Month: Sharing Your Hard Copy Documents, But On A Social Network (13)
14:07 Pick A Side: Video Of Creepy Girls Singing To Donald Trump Taken Down Over Copyright On WWI Song (43)
12:46 DOJ Agrees To Hand Over Document To EPIC, But Only Because The Document Has Already Been Made Public (4)
11:40 New Report To FCC Details How Binge On Violates Net Neutrality (22)
10:39 Japan's Top TPP Negotiator Resigns After It's Alleged He Accepted Bribes (8)
10:34 Daily Deal: LithiumCard Wallet Battery (0)
09:37 Commerce Department Wants To Fix Some Of The Worst Problems Of Copyright Law: Reform Crazy Damages (24)
08:32 ISIS's Encrypted Messaging App Isn't Real; But Backdooring Encryption Still Won't Help The NSA (15)
06:25 When Even The Wall Street Journal Calls Out The USTR's Misleading Propaganda About The TPP... (32)
03:26 Sad Raiders Fan Tries To Keep Team In Oakland By Squatting On Trademark (17)


23:23 Criminal Defendants Sue State Of Utah For Blowing Off The Sixth Amendment (48)
17:00 DailyDirt: Nature Doesn't Play By Our Rules... (8)
15:33 Canada Temporarily Drops Out Of Five Eyes Spying Coalition, After Realizing It Wasn't Properly Protecting Information (14)
14:07 Pissed Consumer Gets To Go After Roca Labs For Its Bogus DMCA Takedowns (19)
12:46 Techdirt Reading List: The God's Eye View (1)
11:39 Cops Getting Free License Plate Readers In Exchange For 25% Of The 'Take' And All The Driver Data Vigilant Can Slurp (41)
10:37 Pakistan Orders ISPs To Block 429,343 Websites Completely, Because There's Porn On The Internet (45)
10:32 Daily Deal: Genius Rescue 2TB Cloud Backup (7)
09:29 The Shittiness Of IP Law Has Taught The Public That Everything Is Stealing And Everyone Is Owed Something (56)
08:30 Ecuador Continues To Use US Copyright Law To Censor Critics (13)
06:26 Administration Pursues Charges Against Another Whistleblower (33)
03:29 Yet More TPP Studies Predict Slim Economic Gains, Highlight Dubious Underlying Assumptions (17)
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