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19:33 Platform Wars Update: Epic Store Losing $330 Million Per Year To Acquire Customers (59)
15:48 Private Prison Company On The Hook For Legal Fees After Suing Investment Group For Saying It Was Doing Stuff It Was Actually Doing (12)
13:43 France Plans To Repeat Hadopi's Costly Mistakes By Turning It Into An Even Bigger, Even More Wrong-headed Anti-Piracy Body Called Arcom (19)
12:16 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Google/Apple Criticized... For Seeking To Protect Privacy In UK Gov't Covid Contact Tracing (13)
10:47 Small Australian Company Cracked The San Bernardino Shooter's IPhone For The FBI (8)
10:42 Daily Deal: The Complete 2021 Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle (0)
09:35 The Pillow Dude's 'Free Speech' Social Media Website Will Moderate 'Swear Words' Because Of Course It Will (76)
06:32 Washington State Votes To Kill Law That Restricted Community Broadband (10)


19:55 Lying NYPD Narcotics Detective Just Cost Prosecutors Nearly 100 Convictions (31)
15:33 Content Moderation Case Study: Lyft Blocks Users From Using Their Real Names To Sign Up (2019) (6)
13:38 I Guess They're Not All On The Same Side: Cops Brutalize Soldier For [Checks Notes] Leading Them To A Well-Lit Area (51)
12:05 Donald Trump Caused The Techlash (40)
10:48 Deconstructing Justice Thomas' Pro-Censorship Statement (46)
10:45 Daily Deal: Babbel Language Learning (0)
09:34 Sens. Cruz, Hawley & Lee Show How To Take A Good Bill Idea And Make It Blatantly Unconstitutional (75)
05:18 Cable Giant Charter Fined $19 Million For Lying About Competitors Going Out Of Business (16)


19:52 Flip-Flop: Nike Now On The Receiving End Of Trademark Threat Over USPS Inspired Sneakers (5)
15:41 Court Says Two Cops Who Deployed Deadly Force Can Use Florida's Victims' Rights Law To Hide Their Names From The Public (10)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 278: Two Curious Cases (0)
12:50 States Are Rolling Out Massive ALPR Networks To Take Down Dangerous... Uninsured Drivers (49)
10:51 Patent Loving Judge Keeps Pissing Off Patent Appeals Court, But Doesn't Seem To Care Very Much (51)
10:46 Daily Deal: The Premium 2021 Project And Quality Management Bundle (0)
09:42 Tennessee Lawmakers Decide Chris Sevier Has Good Ideas, Push His Bill To Compel Speech From Media Outlets (22)
06:24 Wireless Provider Openly Shares Private Data Of 2 Million Subscribers (6)


19:57 Iowa Senate Approves Bill That Would Add Qualified Immunity To The State Law Books (19)
15:38 Activists Say Biden Camp Taking Too Long To Properly Staff The FCC (6)
13:45 FBI Scores Itself Another Lawsuit For Using The No Fly List To Punish A Lebanese Man For Not Becoming An Informant (18)
12:01 Oh Look, Here's Some More Culture Being Canceled, Now Thanks To The Second Circuit (15)
10:46 Michigan AG Using Former Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell's 'No Reasonable Person Would Believe Me' Statements To Seek Sanctions Against Her (31)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Learn Python And Django Developer Bundle (0)
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