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by Glyn Moody

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copyright, media, pipa, software, sopa


by Mike Masnick

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amy alkon, civil liberties, media, searches, tsa


by Timothy Geigner

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blame, chicago, flash mobs, media

Free Speech

by Mike Masnick

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first amendment, free speech, media, wikileaks


Free Speech

by Mike Masnick

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censorship, europe, hungary, media, regulations


by Mike Masnick

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broadband, business models, canada, media

Business Models

by Mike Masnick

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ipad, magazines, media, savior, subscriptions


by Mike Masnick

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business models, free, james murdoch, media, pay tv

news corp.


by Mike Masnick

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deals, media

newsweek, the daily beast

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14:32 Rightscorp Facing Another Lawsuit For Harassing Alleged Infringers (12)
13:32 Move Over Ed Snowden, Al Jazeera Has A Huge New Stack Of Spy Documents (27)
12:30 Reminder: Fair Use Is A Right -- And Not 'An Exception' Or 'A Defense' (78)
11:28 Gemalto Takes The Lenovo Approach: Denies Any Real Risk From NSA Hacking Its Encryption Keys (33)
10:28 Thought Komodia/Superfish Bug Was Really, Really Bad? It's Much, Much Worse! (61)
09:18 Apparently The Best Way To Decrease Movie Piracy Is To Get Rid Of The Oscars (47)
07:56 No, 'App Neutrality' Is Not A Thing (34)
05:50 Total Wipes Decides The Word 'Download' Means Infringement, Issues DMCA Takedown Loaded With Non-Infringing URLs (96)
03:52 Google Blasts DOJ's Request For Expanded Search Powers; Calls Proposal A Threat To The Fourth Amendment (48)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (9)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: February 15th - 21st (4)
09:00 Awesome Stuff: On Display (9)


19:39 What A Strong Modding Community Can Do: How Doom Has Been Yanked Into The Selfie Age (21)
18:10 A Bit Late, But Lenovo CTO Admits The Company Screwed Up (27)
17:00 DailyDirt: Sriracha In Everything (14)
15:44 Superfish Keeps Digging Deeper And Deeper Hole: Still Refuses To Acknowledge Seriousness Of What Its Software Did (34)
14:31 MLB Claims That Finance Company's 'W' Logo Violates 2 MLB Teams' Trademarks (23)
13:33 Cabs Strike In Chicago Against Uber; Uber Drivers Presumably Report Uptick In Business (48)
12:34 NSA's Stealing Keys To Mobile Phone Encryption Shows Why Mandatory Backdoors To Encryption Is A Horrible Idea (18)
11:35 Microsoft Steps In To Clean Up Lenovo's Superfish Mess -- While Lenovo Stumbles And Superfish Remains Silent (37)
10:32 Lenovo CTO Claims Concerns Over Superfish Are Simply 'Theoretical' (39)
09:36 Copyright Enforcement Company Uses Sketchy Algorithms And Questionable Math In Hopes Of Becoming Copyright Trolls' Go-To Resource (32)
08:22 Sorry: AT&T & Verizon Can't Upgrade Or Repair Your Aging DSL Line Because Parts Are Too Hard To Find (46)
06:16 Humiliating Admission By UK Government That Yet More Of Its Surveillance Was Unlawful (29)
04:05 Lenovo Quietly Deletes That Bit About 'No Security Concerns' To Superfish... While Superfish Says 'No Consumers Vulnerable' (28)
01:05 Cerf Warns Of A 'Lost Century' Caused By Bit Rot; Patents And Copyright Largely To Blame (21)


21:00 Anheuser-Busch Drops Trademark Opposition Against Natty Greene Brewing Co. (13)
17:00 DailyDirt: Plastic Is Everywhere, Run For Your Lives (9)
15:30 Proposed Florida Body Camera Law Riddled With Exceptions At Behest Of Police Union (23)
14:30 This Week In 'The NSA Knows F**king Everything': How It Hacked Most Hard Drives And SIM Cards (91)
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