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10:44 Daily Deal: Raycon E50 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds (0)
09:36 UK Politicians Getting Serious About Ending End-To-End Encryption (22)
06:31 Broadband Provider Wide Open West Tries To Justify Unnecessary Broadband Caps Using... Pizza? (18)
03:25 Judge Says DEA, TSA Can Continue To Be Sued For Stealing Cash From Airline Passengers (10)


19:51 Microsoft/Xbox Pushing Backwards Compatibility Hard, With Specific Nods Towards Game Preservation (83)
15:40 Devin Nunes Loses Yet Another One Of His SLAPP Suits (19)
13:36 It's Apparently Bipartisan To Threaten To Punish Companies Via Antitrust Law For Speech You Don't Like (79)
11:55 Appeals Court Extends Qualified Immunity To Cops Who Knew They Were Violating A Photographer's Rights (23)
10:38 Justice Thomas Goes Weird Again; Suggests Twitter Can't Moderate & Section 230 Violates 1st Amendment (84)
10:33 Daily Deal: The 2021 Complete Learn to Code by Making Games in Unity Bundle (0)
09:37 Supreme Court Sides With Google In Decade-Long Fight Over API Copyright; Google's Copying Of Java API Is Fair Use (66)
05:24 US Press Continues To Pretend The 'Digital Divide' Just Mysteriously Appeared One Day (48)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (5)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: March 28th - April 3rd (4)


19:39 Sony Ends Support For Playstation Store For PSP, PS3, and Vita (37)
15:40 Content Moderation Case Study: Twitter Briefly Bans Russian Parody Accounts (2016) (8)
13:46 Georgia Republicans Try To Punish Delta For CEO's Statement About Voting Rights Law (29)
12:10 New Info About Encrypted Messaging Service Bust Shows Signal Protocol Is Still Secure, Law Enforcement Can Still Bypass Encryption (14)
10:51 As Steven Biss Continues Filing Bogus SLAPP Suits, He Finally Gets Sanctioned In Case Involving Devin Nunes' Aide (10)
10:46 Daily Deal: The 2021 Complete Resume Builder Bundle (2)
09:40 UK Legislators Are Using Encrypted Messaging Services To Possibly Dodge Records Requests (6)
06:33 Biden Broadband Plan Embraces Community Broadband In Stark Contrast To Trump (9)
03:29 California Supreme Court Says Keeping People Locked Up Just Because They Can't Make Bail Is Unconstitutional (25)


20:25 Sega DMCAs SteamDB Despite That Site Not Hosting Any Pirated Material (11)
15:30 New York City Council Passes Police Reforms That Includes Ending Qualified Immunity For NYPD Officers (11)
13:32 T-Mobile Kills Live TV Service Just A Few Months After Launch (8)
12:05 Undeletable Coercive Loan Apps First Hobble Then Shut Down Your Smartphone If You Fall Behind On Repayments (18)
10:57 NSA Director Says More Domestic Surveillance Might Stop Foreign Hacking; Fails To Explain Why NSA Isn't Stopping Much Foreign Hacking (7)
10:52 Daily Deal: The Complete Google Master Class Bundle (0)
09:36 Amateur Online Detectives Have Apparently Decided Facial Recognition Tech Is Good As Long As They're The Ones Using It (10)
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