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12:34 Judge Dismisses Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Defamation Lawsuit Against The New York Times (22)
10:56 Whitney Cummings Posts (Partially) Nude Photo Of Herself In Response To Blackmail Threat; Is That Revenge Porn? (37)
10:51 Daily Deal: DarwinMail Pro Lite Plan (0)
09:34 Fox News Commentator Calls For A 'Backlash' Against Big Tech... Because Wikileaks Released His Phone Number (68)
06:30 With Tumblr Sale, Verizon Continues To Stumble In Bungled Pivot Away From Telecom (27)
03:23 Be Careful What You Wish For In Asking Silicon Valley To Police Speech Online (73)


19:29 Brewery In Wales Changes Name Of 2 Beers After Fight With Hugo Boss (10)
15:36 Top University Of California Scientists Tell Elsevier They'll No Longer Work On Elsevier Journals (51)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 220: What's Really In The FTC's Facebook Settlement, Part One (0)
12:03 Dennis Prager Peddles Complete Nonsense About 'Google Censorship' In The WSJ (120)
10:44 The FBI Can't Get Into The Dayton Shooter's Phone. So What? (49)
10:39 Daily Deal: ThunderDrive Cloud Storage (0)
09:37 NY Times Publishes A Second, Blatantly Incorrect, Trashing Of Section 230, A Day After Its First Incorrect Article (24)
06:32 Courts Again Shoot Down FCC For Ignoring The Law, Making Up Stuff (22)
03:28 UK Moves To Give Regulators Power To Fine Internet Companies 5% Of Revenue If They Can't Wave A Magic Wand And Make Bad Content Disappear (38)


19:51 DC Opposes Trademark Application For 'Algorithmic Justice League' For Some Reason (23)
15:41 If You Lament The State Of Politics Today, Lament The Loss Of Aereo (29)
13:44 Ex-Googler Recently Held Up As A 'Whistleblower' And 'Proof' Of Anti-Conservative Bias At Google, Actually Supported Richard Spencer, Racist Skinheads (214)
12:11 Indian Counseling Company Files Criminal Complaint Against Blogger Who Informed It About A Sensitive Data Leak (21)
10:47 Emails From License Plate Reader Company Hack Show Lobbyists Writing Legislation And Handing Out Talking Points To Congressional Reps (19)
10:42 Daily Deal: The Complete 2019 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:36 New Report Further Clarifies Foxconn's Wisconsin Deal Was An Unsustainable Joke (28)
06:37 Class Action Lawsuit Hopes To Hold GitHub Responsible For Hosting Data From Capital One Breach (64)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (12)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: August 4th - 10th (60)


19:39 Comcast Wireless Joins Verizon In Charging You More For HD Video (23)
16:31 Unsealed Warrants Show SFPD Officer Told Judges He Was Targeting A Journalist, But Judges Approved Them Anyway (30)
14:24 Elsevier Tries To Lie About University Of California's Contract Negotiation; UC Shows Its Receipts (10)
12:18 Texas AG Joins Lawsuit Against T-Mobile, Showing Bipartisan Opposition To Mindless M&As (5)
10:46 California Judges Nuke Two More SFPD Warrants Used To Search A Journalist's Home And Office (10)
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