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by Mike Masnick

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donors, itac 15, lobbyists, politics, tpp, ustr


by Glyn Moody

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civil society, dg trade, eu commission, lobbyists, tafta, ttip


by Mike Masnick

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lobbyists, robert werth, taxis

tlpa, uber

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14:45 Cop To Court: This Normal Behavior I Literally Observe All The Time Is Suspicious Behavior Justifying A Traffic Stop (40)
13:03 NYPD Says Software Built To Track Seized Property Can't Actually Do The One Thing It's Supposed To Do (54)
11:51 The Good, The Bad And The Misunderstood Of 'YouTube Heroes' (23)
10:50 NYPD Says Releasing Basic Stingray Contract Info Will Result In A Supercriminal Apocalypse (34)
10:45 Daily Deal: Microsoft MCSE Server Admin Certification Training Bundle (1)
09:46 Macedonia Copyright Collection Group Forces All Macedonian Music Off Of All Macedonian Broadcasts (23)
08:40 Journalists Blaming Facebook For Decline Is Just As Tiresome As When They Blamed Craigslist & Google (48)
06:21 Austrian Teenager Sues Parents For Posting Pictures From Her Childhood To Facebook (46)
03:18 DOJ Tells Forensic Experts To Stop Overstating The 'Scientific Certainty' Of Presented Evidence (54)


23:12 Texas Rangers Oppose Bacardi's Logo For Green Tea Spirit Because Of The 'T' (16)
16:44 Judge Orders Release Of Information On Cases Involving Electronic Surveillance (10)
14:40 Before Forfeiture Is Finalized, Sheriff Racks Up 54k Miles On Seized Vehicle, Sells It To Private Buyer (74)
13:01 Reminder: Sign Up For Private Internet Access, Support Techdirt & Get Sneak Peeks At Our Upcoming Articles (10)
11:41 Senate Comes To Its Senses: Does NOT Support Ted Cruz's Plan To Block Internet Governance Transition (28)
10:45 EFF Heads To Court To Fight Off Smart Grid Company That Can't Wrap Its Mind Around Section 230 Protections (6)
10:39 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want DIY Hardware And Internet Of Things eBook Bundle (0)
09:38 Law Professor Mark Lemley: Hollywood Is Simply Wrong About FCC's Set Top Box Plan (9)
08:25 Donald Trump Doubles Down On Ted Cruz's Blatantly Confused And Backwards Argument Over Internet Governance (35)
06:22 AT&T Will Zero Rate its Upcoming Streaming TV Service, Doesn't Think FCC Will Act (39)
03:24 Chelsea Manning Facing Indefinite Solitary Confinement For Attempting Suicide, Possessing A Book On Hackers (45)


23:23 Hackers Able To Control Tesla S Systems From Twelve Miles Away (25)
16:18 Not Content With Silencing Human Critics, Russia Has Now Arrested A Robot (26)
14:31 Digital Homicide Sues Steam Reviewers, Steam Drops It Like It's Hot (33)
12:51 Another Judge Declares FBI's Playpen Warrant Invalid, Suppresses All Evidence (10)
11:39 Math Is Not A Crime (68)
10:44 Cable Lobbyists Stop Using The Word Cable In Hopes You'll Think Industry Has Evolved (13)
10:40 Daily Deal: Free 60-Day Trial Of Audible (0)
09:35 Lenovo Accused Of Locking Linux Out Of Certain Laptops At Microsoft's Request (69)
08:38 Hillary Clinton To Silicon Valley: To Silence Terrorists, Nerd Harder, Nerds! (52)
06:44 Former Refugee Who Took Skittles Photograph Donald Trump Jr. Used In A Stupid Meme Threatens Copyright Lawsuit (154)
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