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15:07 Google Stadia Is About To Show Everyone Why Broadband Usage Caps Are Bullshit (69)
12:06 Court Says Section 230 Shields Twitter From Revenge Porn Bro's Stupid Lawsuit (77)
10:39 Radiohead Responds To Extortionate Hacker By Releasing Hacked Recordings For Charity (43)
10:34 Daily Deal: AirDock 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station (1)
09:39 New Hampshire, ACLU Fighting Back Against DEA's Warrantless Access To Sensitive Medical Records (11)
06:37 FCC Pats Itself On The Back For 'New' Robocall Plan That Isn't New, Has No Real Teeth (20)
03:30 Securing The Nation With Insecure Databases: CBP Vendor Hacked, Exposing Thousands Of License Plate, Car Passenger Photos (11)


20:20 Historical Documentation Of Key Section 230 Cases (70)
15:19 Oversight Says FBI's Facial Recognition System Has Gotten Bigger, But Not Better (7)
12:22 10 State AGs Join Forces, Will Sue To Stop T-Mobile Sprint Merger (5)
10:47 Turkish Gov't: Erdogan's Bodyguards Needed To Attack DC Protesters Because They Were Too Close When They Said Mean Things (45)
10:42 Daily Deal: The Complete Ethical Hacking Course (0)
09:28 NY Times Publishes Laughable Propaganda To Argue Google Owes Newspapers Like Itself Free Money (50)
06:21 Here's Why Net Neutrality Still Matters One Year After Repeal (33)
03:24 Facebook Tested With Deepfake Of Mark Zuckerberg: Company Leaves It Up (15)


19:23 ICE Is Cramming Immigrants Into Filthy, Overcrowded Facilities (240)
15:23 Tom Brady Attempts To Trademark The Nickname He Doesn't Even Want, That's Already Used By A Famous NY Met With Dementia (27)
12:22 Appeals Court Issues Strong CDA 230 Ruling, But It Will Be Misleadingly Quoted By Those Misrepresenting CDA 230 (52)
10:45 Amazon, Law Enforcement Joining Forces To Turn Your Front Door Into An Integral Part Of The Surveillance State (54)
10:40 Daily Deal: MOFT, The "Invisible" Laptop Stand (2)
09:32 If You Think The Reason Internet Companies Snarf Up Your Data Is Because Their Services Are Free, Allow Me To Introduce You To The Telcos (17)
06:31 Comcast Gets $9 Million Fine For Tricking Customers With 'Worthless' Protection Plans (23)
03:28 Obtained Records Show ICE Is Using ALPR Databases To Reconstruct Targets' Lives (14)


19:28 Federal Court: Eight Months Of Utility Pole Camera Surveillance Is A Fourth Amendment Violation (11)
15:24 Mathew Higbee Cuts And Runs When Finally Challenged On A Questionable Shakedown (34)
13:25 Court: Arresting A Driver For Shouting 'Fuck You' Out The Window At A Nearby State Trooper Is Unconstitutional (16)
11:57 Whining About Big Tech Doesn't Protect Journalism (30)
10:42 Court: Planning To Get A Warrant Is As Good As Actually Having A Warrant When Searching A House (95)
10:37 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want Cisco Networking & Cloud Computing Certification Bundle (0)
09:45 Republicans Blame CDA 230 For Letting Platforms Censor Too Much; Democrats Blame CDA 230 For Platforms Not Censoring Enough (121)
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