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HideTechdirt is off for Thanksgiving! We'll be back with our regular posts on Monday.
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15:37 SoundCloud Troll Getting DMCA Takedowns Shows The Weakness Of Notice And Takedown Systems (22)
13:33 But Her Emails: Ivanka Trump Also Used A Private Email Account For Official Government Business (87)
12:09 Court Again Rules That Cable Giants Can't Weaponize The First Amendment (24)
10:40 Apple, Amazon Team Up To 'Enhance Customer Experience' By Limiting Customers' Options (17)
10:37 Daily Deal: Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Robot Vacuum (3)
09:39 Facebook Releases 13 NSLs, Reports Another Big Increase In US Government Demands For Info (2)
06:36 In A Speech Any Autocrat Would Love, French President Macron Insists The Internet Must Be Regulated (51)
03:33 Comcast To Battle Cord Cutting By... Reinventing The Closed Cable Box (27)


19:40 $337,000 Settlement Headed To Elementary School Students Handcuffed By School Resource Officers (39)
15:34 Red Bull Fails To Block Trademark Registration In EU Over Logos That Aren't All That Similar (12)
13:32 Police Misconduct, Data Breaches, And The Ongoing Lack Of Accountability That Allows These To Continue (28)
12:07 Prosecutors Charge Suspect With Evidence Tampering After A Seized iPhone Is Wiped Remotely (45)
10:40 Cord Cutting Sets More Records, Yet Many Cable Giants Still Refuse To Compete On Price (26)
10:35 Daily Deal: The Complete C# Programming Bundle (0)
09:36 Judge Blocks White House From Pulling Jim Acosta's Press Pass, But The Battle Continues (89)
06:40 After Being Hit With A 'Motion For Return Of Property,' Gov't Agrees To Delete Data Copied From A Traveler's Phone (18)
03:33 Yet Another GDPR Disaster: Journalists Ordered To Hand Over Secret Sources Under 'Data Protection' Law (64)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (36)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: November 11th - 17th (5)


19:39 Blockchain Voting: Solves None Of The Actual Problems Of Online Voting; Leverages None Of The Benefits Of Blockchain (62)
15:39 Not Funny: The Conan O'Brien Joke-Stealing Lawsuit Is Still Going On (25)
13:37 Appeals Court: No Immunity For Shooting A Man Who Had His Hands Up And Twice Said He Surrendered (57)
12:06 If You Want The Government To Hand Over Documents, You Might Want To Retain A Lawyer (3)
10:31 Canadian Politician Hangs Out With Racists; Issues Legal Threats To People Calling Him A Racist (43)
10:26 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi eBook Bundle (0)
09:31 Nintendo Gets Huge Settlement Against ROM Site Probably Just To Scare Other ROM Sites (43)
06:27 AT&T CEO Continues His Fake Calls For Real Privacy, Net Neutrality Laws (9)
03:28 Not Even Hiding It Any More: EU Council Explicitly Pushing For Mandatory Upload Filters (48)


19:59 Sheriff's Dept.: The 1,079 Privileged Jailhouse Calls We Intercepted Was Actually 34,000 Calls (28)
15:32 Hitman 2's Denuvo Protection Busted 3 Days Before The Game's Launch (31)
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