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06:33 Rep. Marsha Blackburn Says Internet Service Providers Have 'An Obligation' To Censor 'Fake News' (61)
03:35 Pirates Trying To Form New Icelandic Government (14)


17:18 Lawsuit Against Courts Massively Overcharging For Documents Moves Forward (16)
14:48 Bethesda Bullies One Of Its Creative Fans Over Website Metatags (18)
13:05 Another Lawsuit Highlights How Many 'Smart' Toys Violate Privacy, Aren't Secure (17)
11:44 It Begins: Congress Proposes First Stages Of Copyright Reform, And It's Not Good (26)
10:40 Mark Cuban Falsely Tells Congress AT&T's Latest Mega-Merger Will Be Really Wonderful For Consumers (22)
10:34 Daily Deal: 10-Ft Samsung Certified MicroUSB Cable 3-Pack (1)
09:36 Short Sighted Newspaper Association Asks Trump To Whittle Down Fair Use, Because It Hates Google (57)
08:27 Court Tells Family Services Worker 'I Don't Approve Of Your Lifestyle' Isn't A Valid Warrant Exception (29)
06:29 Trump Takes Undeserved Credit For Softbank Investment & Job Promises, As Company Sells Him On A T-Mobile Sprint Merger (72)
03:25 TPP, TTIP And CETA Are Disasters For The Public: Are There Better Ways To Do Trade Deals? (29)


18:17 Iceland vs Iceland Trademark Spat More Clear: Iceland Foods Opposed Iceland's Trademark Application (15)
14:47 Cops Who Repeatedly Treated Refusal As Consent Watch Their Seized Evidence Vanish (33)
13:03 Law Passed To Protect Customers From Non-Disparagement Clauses And Other Ridiculous Restrictions (14)
11:45 Copyright Troll Ordered To Pay $17k To 'Pirate' It Falsely Accused (14)
10:47 Altice Promises Massive New Fiber Network, Again Proving Net Neutrality Didn't Stifle Broadband Investment (7)
10:46 Daily Deal: PDFpen 8 All-Purpose PDF Editor For Mac, Last Chance Sale (2)
09:39 FBI Investigates Journalist For An Obvious Joke Tweet, Because What The Hell Is Wrong With The FBI? (41)
08:36 Law Firm That Sued 20-Year-Old Crash Victim Over Negative Review Now Owes $26,831 In Legal Fees (17)
06:34 T-Mobile Applauds Likely Death Of Net Neutrality Under Trump (30)
03:36 Convicted FBI Sting Target Challenges Investigation, Domestic Surveillance; Ends Up With Nothing (22)


23:37 Amidst The Game Release Boom On Steam, It's Time For Valve To Weaponize Its Community For Curation (10)
16:43 Israeli Government Pushes National Biometric Database With Claims Of Security Superiority Nobody Thinks Are True (22)
14:54 Ross Ulbricht's Lawyers Uncover Evidence Showing His Silk Road Account Was Accessed While He Was Imprisoned (18)
13:05 Techdirt Podcast Episode 101: Where Do You Get Your News? (5)
11:46 Supreme Court Adds Yet Another Smackdown To Patent Court, Says It Misinterpreted Patent Law In Apple/Samsung Case (11)
10:45 This Is A Really Bad Idea: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Microsoft Agree To Block 'Terrorist' Content (59)
10:40 Daily Deal: eduCBA Tech Training Bundle (0)
09:34 Fake News About Fake News Leads To (Fake?) Defamation Threat (21)
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