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03:14 Latest EU Copyright Directive Still Demands Internet Companies Wave Magic Wands (67)


20:16 NY Court Tells NYPD It Can't Hide Surveillance Of Protesters Behind A Glomar Response (21)
14:32 Supermacs Beats McDonalds To Have 'Big Mac' Trademark Cancelled In Europe (37)
12:22 How The GDPR Is Still Ruining Christmas (25)
10:39 Daily Deal: The 2019 Blockchain Developer Bundle (0)
09:36 Attorney General Nominee Seems Willing To Let The DOJ Jail Journalists Over Published Leaks (32)
06:29 FCC Wants Delay In Net Neutrality Trial Due To Government Shutdown, But Isn't Likely To Get It (27)
03:28 Why Does Everyone Else Want To Stop Netflix Password Sharing, When Netflix Is Fine With It? (57)


20:14 Turkish Court Jails Journalist For Telling The Truth About A Politician's Offshore Tax Shelter (99)
14:28 2019: The Push For Bad Faith, Loophole-Filled Privacy Legislation Begins (6)
12:18 Google Shows What Google News Looks Like If Article 11 Passes In The EU Copyright Directive (163)
10:45 Reminder: You Still Have The Rest Of January To Enter Our Public Domain Game Jam (3)
10:40 Daily Deal: The Complete UI & UX Design Master Class Bundle (3)
09:28 Judge Recommends Vacating The Sentence Of One Of The FBI's Handcrafted Terrorists (17)
06:22 Ajit Pai Refuses To Brief Congress On What He Plans To Do About Wireless Location Data Scandals (42)
03:23 Amazon Dash Buttons Ruled Illegal In Germany For... Making It Too Easy To Buy Stuff (40)


20:09 Infamous Pinkerton Detectives Claim Red Dead Redemption's Use Of Historically Accurate Pinkertons Is Trademark Infringement (42)
15:34 Court To Revenge Porn Bro Suing Twitter: You Agreed To Twitter Picking The Courtroom Every Time You Created A New Alt Account (29)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 195: The EU Endangers Free Speech Online... Again (3)
12:04 Vizio Admits Modern TV Sets Are Cheaper Because They're Spying On You (71)
10:47 Hollywood Asks EU To Drop Article 13 Entirely, Because It Might Possibly Have A Tiny Compromise For The Internet (21)
10:42 Daily Deal: DoYourData Professional (0)
09:34 Federal Judge Says Compelling People To Unlock Phones With Their Fingerprints/Faces Violates The 5th Amendment (25)
06:24 AT&T Execs Think It's Really Funny They Misled Consumers About 5G Availability (29)
03:24 EU Parliament Puts Out Utter Nonsense Defending Copyright Directive (93)


19:27 Music Groups Waste No Time Using Australia's New Copyright Law To Shut Down Stream Ripping Sites (35)
14:15 Sixth Circuit Appeals Court Latest To Say It's Cool If The FBI Broke The Law During Its Playpen Investigation (17)
12:18 Government Shutdown Means Government Website Security Certs Aren't Being Renewed (64)
10:43 Federal Court Says Iowa's Ag Gag Law Is Unconstitutional (24)
10:41 Daily Deal: AirTaps Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case (0)
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