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10:40 Daily Deal: The Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle (0)
09:30 Guy In Charge Of Oil Well Safety Gave Out His Cell Phone Number, Now Help Us Figure Out Who Called Him (26)
06:27 Why The Hell Are States Still Passing ISP-Written Laws Banning Community Broadband? (28)
03:25 The French Govt's Hand-Rolled Encrypted Messaging Service (Briefly) Allowed Anyone To Pretend They Were A Government Official (15)


19:55 Good News From The EU For A Change: A Strong Directive To Protect Whistleblowers (29)
15:27 Another Week, Another Hollywood Company Files A Takedown Against TorrentFreak (26)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 209: The Past & Future Of Section 230 (0)
11:59 A Seamless Journey Awaits You On The Outbound Flights: All You Have To Give Up Is Your Face (36)
10:44 Like Clockwork After A Big Tragedy, People Rush In To Blame... Social Media (110)
10:39 Daily Deal: Brio True Wireless Earbuds (1)
09:21 Emilio Estevez Uses Some Public Domain Footage In Film, So Universal Studios Forces Original Public Domain Footage Offline (78)
06:23 Trump's Chinese Telecom Protectionism Always Seems To Be Lacking Evidence (24)
03:22 Watchdog Says Australia's Traffic Enforcement System Has Hits Hundreds Of Drivers With Bogus Fines (14)


19:35 City Of Marathon Hand-Waves Stupid Cease And Desist Sent By Councilman Over City Seal (10)
15:39 State Investigator Granted Immunity For Hours-Long Detention Of Doctor At Gunpoint During A Search For Medical Records (37)
13:29 Werner Herzog Joins Plenty Of Other Artists In Recognizing Piracy Isn't The Problem (55)
12:09 Reverse Warrant For Cell Site Location Info Results In Wrong Man Being Jailed (36)
10:35 Twitter Permanently Suspends (Then Unsuspends) Lawyer For Telling NRA Supporters To 'Fuck Off' And 'Own The Death' (69)
10:30 Daily Deal: The 2019 Complete CompTIA Cybersecurity Bundle (0)
09:33 Scribd's Takedown Of The Public Domain Mueller Report Is A Preview Of The EU's Future Under The Copyright Directive (64)
06:22 Another Attempt To Tie Twitter To Terrorist Acts And Another Dismissal With Prejudice (23)
03:16 Judge Tells Research Center To Give Back Facial Recognition Documents The NYPD Forgot To Redact (17)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (28)


13:00 This Week In Techdirt History: April 14th - 20th (46)


19:39 Don't Regulate The Internet Like Every Company Is The Same (129)
15:35 FCC Under Fire For Putting ALEC Rep On 'Consumer' Advisory Board (23)
13:32 Sixth Circuit Court Dumps Lawsuit Seeking To Hold Twitter Responsible For The Pulse Nightclub Shooting (12)
12:05 Peachtree Officials Come To Their Senses, Vote Down Plan To Finance Lawsuits Against Critics Following Widespread Criticism (13)
10:44 Facebook's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Privacy Week (17)
10:39 Daily Deal: Standard Plan (0)
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