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Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

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italy, secondary liability, videos



by Glyn Moody

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copyright, italy, stolen goods


by Mike Masnick

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agcom, italy

Legal Issues

by Glyn Moody

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blogs, italy, libel


by Mike Masnick

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antitrust, italy, pharmaceutical


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15:43 New Report On Encryption Confirms There's More Of It, But Still Not Much Of A Problem For Law Enforcement (1)
13:42 Yahoo's Security Incompetence Just Took $250 Million Off Verizon's Asking Price (9)
11:58 Apple Wants To Stop You Fixing Your iPhone And iPad: Source Says It Will Testify Against 'Right To Repair' Legislation (60)
10:50 Oh, Sure, Suddenly Now The House Intelligence Boss Is Concerned About Surveillance... Of Mike Flynn (40)
10:45 Daily Deal: Microsoft Programming Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:26 FBI Arresting More Americans For Targeting Muslims, Than Muslims For Targeting Americans (137)
06:27 Comcast, AT&T Are Paying Minority Groups To Support Killing Net Neutrality (37)
03:28 Scottish Sheriff Awards Couple Compensation For 'Distress' Caused By Neighbor's Use Of CCTV (30)


17:19 Counterpoint: As Denuvo Lauds Its Weeks-Long Control, 20 Year Old Game Still Selling Due To Its Modding Community (24)
15:20 T-Mobile Backs Off Added Fee For HD Streaming As Unlimited Data Wars Heat Up (7)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 109: The New FCC (5)
12:09 Get Ready For 'Leak Investigations' In The Trump White House (56)
10:44 Prosecutors And Anti-Sex Trafficking Advocates Aren't Happy With The Government's Treatment Of Backpage (21)
10:30 Daily Deal: Complete IT Cloud Architect Training Bundle (0)
09:37 Upset About Border Patrol Cruelty? It Didn't Start Under Trump (49)
06:30 FCC Commissioner Thinks Ultra-Fast Broadband Just a 'Novelty' (56)
03:25 After Passing Worst Surveillance Law In A Democracy, UK Now Proposes Worst Anti-Whistleblowing Law (15)


17:29 The NBA Announces Plan To Start Its Own eSports NBA League (7)
15:00 First Look At UK Piracy Alert System: Mostly Benign, Except ISPs Are Requesting Filesharing Software Be Removed By Clients (19)
13:20 With So Much Public Interest In Our Judicial System, It's Time To Free Up Access To Court Documents (11)
11:53 PayPal Kills Canadian Paper's Submission To Media Awards Because Article Had Word 'Syrian' In The Title (33)
10:46 A Little Something Called Competition Forces Verizon To Bring Back Unlimited* Data (22)
10:41 Daily Deal: Virtual Training Company Single User Subscription (1)
09:22 Chris Christie Says Asset Forfeiture Transparency Is Bad For Law Enforcement, Vetoes Unanimously-Supported Bill (30)
08:22 Oracle Files Its Opening Brief As It Tries (Again) To Overturn Google's Fair Use Win On Java APIs (13)
06:24 Court Orders Small Ohio Speed Trap Town To Refund $3 Million In Unconstitutional Speeding Tickets (51)
03:23 US Secret Service Prefers Belt Sanders And Third-Party Vendors To Cell Phone Encryption Backdoors (10)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (36)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: February 5th - 11th (0)


19:39 UK Police Spy On Journalists At Small Town Paper, Gather One Million Minutes Worth Of Call Data (18)
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