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by Mike Masnick

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blockades, copyright, isps

the pirate bay


by Mike Masnick

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copyright, education, isps, notices, uk

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10:38 Salt Lake Comic Con Fights Back Against Judge's 'Unprecedented' Gag Order (12)
10:33 Daily Deal: SunFounder PiCar-S Raspberry Pi Kits (0)
09:33 The Vegas Shooting Makes It Clear More Surveillance Isn't The Answer (86)
06:27 Anybody Claiming Net Neutrality Rules Killed Broadband Investment Is Lying To You (20)
03:25 Hackers Grab More NSA Exploits, Possibly With Assistance Of Russian Antivirus Developer (20)


19:30 Hundreds Of Cases Dismissed Thanks To Baltimore PD Misconduct (21)
15:40 Sex Toys Are Just As Poorly-Secured As The Rest Of The Internet of Broken Things (36)
13:43 Members Of Congress: Court Was Wrong To Say That Posting The Law Is Copyright Infringement (47)
12:01 House Judiciary Committee Introduces Weak Surveillance Reform Bill (6)
10:43 Iran Cracks Down On Movie Pirates In The Most Inception-Esque Manner Possible (17)
10:38 Daily Deal: The New Google Pixel & Friends Giveaway (3)
09:39 UK Home Secretary Calls Tech Leaders 'Patronizing' For Refusing To Believe Her 'Safe Backdoors' Spiels (135)
06:41 Wall Street Predicts Apathetic Regulators And Limited Competition Will Let Comcast Double Broadband Prices (51)
03:36 The NSA's 'Time Machines' Make It Incredibly Easy To Violate Section 702 Restrictions (5)


19:34 Elsevier's Latest Brilliant Idea: Adding Geoblocking To Open Access (14)
15:21 As Expected, EU Court Of Justice To Review If Internet Company's Privacy Practices Are Acceptible (7)
13:22 Hacks Are Always Worse Than Reported: All Of Yahoo Email Was Hacked In 2013. All. Of. It. (42)
11:55 Shouldn't Federal Judges Understand That Congress Did Not Pass SOPA? (23)
10:43 Broadband Lobbyists Gush Over Re-Appointment Of Trump's FCC Boss (32)
10:38 Daily Deal: Zero to Hero Cyber Security Hacker Bundle (0)
09:22 Former Revenge Porn Site Operator Readies For Senate Run By Issuing Bogus Takedown Requests To YouTube (62)
06:20 'Six Strikes' May Be Dead, But ISPs Keep Threatening To Disconnect Accused Pirates Anyway (16)
03:23 FOIA'ed Documents Show NSA Abuse Of Pen Register Statutes To Collect Content (8)


19:50 More Prisons Banning In-Person Visits, Adding To Securus Tech's Pile Of Cash (33)
15:31 Known Terrorists Under Witness Protection Roaming The Country Pretty Much Unattended (10)
13:32 Trump's FCC Boss Blasts Apple For Refusing To 'Turn On' FM iPhone Chipsets That Don't Actually Exist (34)
11:57 DOJ's Facebook Warrants Target Thousands Of Users For Protesting Inauguration (26)
10:39 Well-Known Email Prankster Ends Up With Sensitive Document From Jared Kushner's Lawyer (24)
10:34 Daily Deal: Mighty (2)
09:20 Oracle Tells The White House: Stop Hiring Silicon Valley People & Ditch Open Source (43)
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