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19:53 The Fate Of EU Legislation Designed To Bolster Data Protection Beyond The GDPR, The ePrivacy Regulation, Hangs In The Balance (8)
14:56 NYPD Finally Releases A Body Camera Policy That Gives The Department Plenty Of Ways To Withhold Footage (19)
12:51 Devin Nunes' Virginia SLAPP Suits Causing Virginia Legislators To Consider A New Anti-SLAPP Law (72)
10:49 Colorado Appeals Court: Three Months Of Surveillance Via Pole-Mounted Camera Is Unconstitutional (20)
10:44 Daily Deal: The Ultimate AWS Data Master Class Bundle (0)
09:32 Why Won't Creative Future's Members Comment About This Hollywood Front Group Smearing A Well Respected Law Professor? (91)
06:30 AT&T Says The Real Problem With The Internet Is We Pay Too Much Attention To Giant ISPs (27)
03:27 American WeChat Users Getting Banned For Celebrating Hong Kong Election Results (86)


19:35 Author Tries To Trademark The Word 'Dark' For All Of Literary Fiction (35)
15:29 State's Rejection Of Driver's 'IMGOD' Vanity Plate Unconstitutional, Federal Court Rules (23)
13:28 Canadian ISP Teksavvy Fights Back Against Overbroad Copyright 'Blocking Order' For GoldTV (16)
12:00 Facebook Now Altering Users' Posts To Add Singapore Government's 'Fake News' Warnings (18)
10:44 Devin Nunes Follows Through And Sues CNN In Laughably Dumb SLAPP Suit (61)
10:39 Daily Deal: 7" Capacitive Touch Screen with 2MP Camera for Raspberry Pi 2/3B/3B+ (0)
09:26 Content Moderation At Scale Is Impossible: That Time Twitter Nazis Got A Reporter Barred From Twitter Over Some Jokes (30)
06:22 T-Mobile's 'Nationwide' 5G Isn't Nationwide, Only Slightly Faster Than 4G (10)
03:21 Tony Robbins Crosses The Atlantic For Some Libel Tourism In Ireland; Files SLAPP Suit Against Buzzfeed (162)


19:25 Want To See Pete Davidson Do Standup? There's An NDA You Have To Sign First... (158)
15:33 Cops Are Running Ring Camera Footage Through Their Own Facial Recognition Software Because Who's Going To Stop Them (32)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 233: Your Secret Consumer Score (0)
12:13 Study Says Russian Trolls Didn't Have Much Influence On Election; But It's More Complicated Than That (61)
11:30 CIA: Collect It All Is Now 25% Off, And The Print-And-Play Version Is Free! (2)
10:44 ICE Says Students Duped By Its Fake College Sting Should Have Known It Was A Sting (75)
10:39 Daily Deal: Black Box 1080p Dash Cam (0)
09:28 UNC Gave Racists $2.5 Million To Settle A Lawsuit That Hadn't Been Filed Yet, And The Racists Are Abusing The DMCA To Hide The Details (49)
06:24 DOJ Wimps Out On Wireless Sector eSIM Antitrust Investigation (6)
03:23 California Sheriff's Dept. Manages To Piss Off Local Prosecutor By Consistently Mishandling Evidence (22)


20:17 Egyptian Government Plans To Track The Movement Of 10 Million Vehicles With Low-Cost RFID Stickers (57)
15:35 Oregon Supreme Court Shuts Down Pretextual Traffic Stops; Says Cops Can't Ask Questions Unrelated To The Violation (32)
13:37 Wireless ISP Starry Says It Will Apply California's Privacy Requirements Nationwide (7)
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