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19:57 Why The Appearance Of A One Terabyte microSD Card Means The War On Unauthorized Music Downloads Is (Almost) Over (41)
15:28 Dean Guitar Counter-Sues Against Gibson Guitars, Attempts To Invalidate Several Trademarks (5)
13:31 Latest Huawei 'Smoking Gun' Still Doesn't Prove Global Blackball Effort's Primary Justification (26)
11:58 Appeals Court Shoots Down The Unconstitutional 'Non-Disparagement' Clauses Baltimore Attaches To Lawsuit Settlements (28)
10:44 CBP, DHS Using Quasi-Scientific Guesswork To Turn Adult Immigrants Into Minors (36)
10:39 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want: The Lean Six Sigma Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:35 Drug Prices Are So Insane That The NY Times Is Recommending The US Gov't Just 'Seize The Patents' (31)
06:35 Claims Of 5G Health Risks Are Frequently Based On A Single, 20 Year Old Flawed Graph (28)
03:33 FBI, ICE Are Running Facial Recognition Searches Against State Drivers' Databases (38)


19:59 Ubisoft Once Again Crowdsourcing Content For Video Game, Once Again Gets Unwarranted Backlash (22)
15:30 Idaho Magistrate Judge Shoots Down Another Government Request For Compelled Fingerprint Production (11)
13:32 Former Content Moderator Explains How Josh Hawley's Bill Would Grant Government Control Over Online Speech (105)
12:06 The CIA Wants To Make It Easier To Jail Journalists And No One In Congress Is Stopping It From Happening (20)
10:50 WIPO Now Gets Into The Extrajudicial, Zero Due Process, Censorship Act Over Sites It Declares 'Infringing' (19)
10:44 Daily Deal: Nomad 1.5M Battery Lightning Cable (0)
09:37 The Failure Of Courts/Regulators To Understand The Difference Between Infrastructure Providers And Edge Providers Is Going To Be A Problem (23)
06:34 5G's Latest Problem: Summer Temps Are Causing 5G Phones To Overheat (29)
03:32 EU Looking To Regulate Everything Online, And To Make Sites Proactively Remove Material (33)


20:04 New Study Points Out What A Boon Sports Streaming Piracy Could Be To Leagues (15)
15:34 Another Way In Which Patents Contributed To The Opioid Crisis: Hospitals Ordered Not To Use Better, Less Problematic Medicines (46)
13:33 EFF Hits AT&T With Lawsuit Over Sale Of User Location Data (12)
12:06 The Sixth Circuit Also Makes A Mess Of Section 230 And Good Internet Policy (23)
10:44 Gab, Mastodon And The Challenges Of Content Moderation On A More Distributed Social Network (139)
10:39 Daily Deal: SunFounder Robotic Arm Edge Kit for Arduino (0)
09:29 Section 230 Is Not Exceptional, It Is Not Unique, It Is Not A Gift: It's The Codification Of Common Law Liability Principles (45)
06:27 AT&T Will Now Filter Robocall Spam, If You Pay Them Extra (25)
03:23 Russian Spy Discovers The Hard Way How Much His Smartphone's Metadata Reveals About His Activities (13)


20:08 ESA Steps In With Amicus Brief In Support Of Activision Versus Humvee (21)
15:41 EFF Posts New White Paper On Stingray Device Capabilities (9)
13:37 Pennsylvania Legislators Quickly And Quietly Passed A Law That Strips Power From Its Reform-Minded DA (18)
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