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16:14 Court Unanimously Keeps Lower Court's Injunction Against Trump's Immigration Order In Place (237)
14:38 Wyden, Other Senators Warn That Net Neutrality Repeal Will Make SOPA Backlash Look Like A Fireside Snuggle (21)
13:10 The Met Goes Public Domain With CC0, But It Shouldn't Have To (7)
11:55 UK Search Engines Will Sign Up To A 'Voluntary' Code On Piracy -- Or Face The Consequences (9)
10:51 President Trump's White House Reaching New Lows In Accountability And Transparency (73)
10:46 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want: Ethical Hacker And Pentester Pro Bundle (0)
09:43 Trump Says There's 'No Reason' To Scale Back Asset Forfeiture; Threatens Career Of Senator Backing Forfeiture Reform (41)
08:41 DHS Secretary Says Agency Is Planning On Demanding Foreigners' Social Media Account Passwords (56)
06:39 Tom Wheeler: Trump, GOP Plan To 'Modernize' The FCC A 'Fraud' (47)
03:36 Landmark Court Decision Means Canada Has Now Joined The 'Right To Be Forgotten Globally' Club (28)


20:48 Iowa Appeals Court Doubles Down On Curbing Police Abuse Of 'Inventory Search' Warrant Exceptions (16)
16:21 Funcom Responds Well To Mixup Over Denuvo DRM Resulting In Piracy Of Conan Exiles Game (19)
14:40 The Biggest Advocates For An Imperial Executive Branch Are Suddenly Freaking Out Over Trump (87)
12:51 FBI Changes FOIA Policies, Tries To Route More Requesters To Fax Machines, Mailboxes (25)
11:39 Barrett Brown's Donors Sue DOJ/FBI For Monitoring Their Donations (5)
10:33 GOP Senate Streisands Elizabeth Warren And Coretta King In Attempt To Silence Her (57)
10:28 Daily Deal: Big Data and Hadoop Analytics Certification Bundle (0)
09:24 Australian Guy Demands Techdirt Story Be Blocked In Australia Over Comments (43)
06:22 New FCC Boss Decides It's Cool If Phone Monopolies Want To Rip Off Inmate Families (49)
03:23 Anti-Whistleblower Provision Buried In Germany's New Data Retention Law Challenged In The Courts (3)


17:03 Congress Tries Once Again To Require Warrants To Search Emails (49)
15:03 Court Tells Melania Trump She Can't Sue The Daily Mail In Maryland, So She Refiles In New York (29)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 108: Autonomous Cars Are Accelerating (2)
11:59 Vizio Fined $2.2 Million For Not Telling Customers Their TVs Were Spying On Them (26)
10:59 Who The Hell Is Actually In Charge Of The US Patent And Trademark Office? (41)
10:54 Daily Deal: The Complete Web Developer Course (0)
09:29 Windows DRM: Now An (Unwitting) Ally In Efforts To Expose Anonymous Tor Users (24)
06:27 New FCC Boss Ajit Pai Insists He's All About Helping The Poor, Gets Right To Work Harming Them Instead (62)
03:25 The FBI Can Engage In All Sorts Of Surveillance And Snooping Without Actually Placing Someone Under Investigation (25)


17:35 Wawa Versus Dawa: Trademark Dispute Blamed On A Need To Police That Doesn't Exist (18)
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