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06:18 FCC Backs Off Plan to Weaken Broadband Definition, But Still Can't Admit Limited Competition Is A Problem (37)
03:19 Report Shows US Law Enforcement Routinely Engages In Parallel Construction (40)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (15)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: January 14th - 20th (2)


19:39 Sequel To 'Man From Earth' Released On Pirate Sites By Its Creators (33)
15:36 Dashcam Recording Instantly Undercuts Officers' Concocted Reason For A Traffic Stop (39)
13:32 The Constant Pressure For YouTube To Police 'Bad' Content Means That It's Becoming A Gatekeeper (58)
11:51 Southwest's Bullshit Lawsuit Over A Site That Made $45 Helping People Book Cheaper Flights (24)
10:40 Now Another Judge Smacks Around A Guardaley Shell Company Acting As A Copyright Troll (13)
10:35 Daily Deal: The Computer Hacker Professional Certification Bundle (1)
09:33 EFF Tells Court That Boing Boing Linking To Playboy Images Is Not Infringement (26)
06:24 Apple's Incoherent App Approval Process Strikes Again, Net Neutrality App Banned For No Real Reason (24)
03:27 UK Begins Absolutely Bonkers 'Education' Of Grade Schoolers About Intellectual Property And Piracy (87)


19:30 Iowa State's Attempt To Violate Its Students First Amendment Rights To Cost State Nearly $400k In Damages (32)
15:40 A Bunch Of Politicians Who Complain About Trump's Authoritarian Tendencies Just Gave Him 6 Years To Warrantlessly Spy On Americans (67)
13:33 After The 'Octopus Incident' White House Threatened To Stop 'Menacing Logos' From Spy Satellites (20)
11:57 Bigoted Landlord Files Criminal Complaint Against Critic Who Called Him Bigoted (55)
10:43 Mozilla, Consumer Groups Sue The FCC For Its Attack On Net Neutrality (19)
10:38 Daily Deal: Spiel Bluetooth Speaker System (0)
09:29 Philippines Trying To Shut Down Popular News Site For Reporting On President Duterte (23)
06:30 Senate Push To Save Net Neutrality Needs Just One Vote, But You Still Shouldn't Get Your Hopes Up (19)
03:23 Appeals Court Says Accessing Data In A Way The Host Doesn't Like Doesn't Violate Computer Crime Laws (24)


19:49 Using AI To Identify Car Models In 50 Million Google Street Views Reveals A Wide Range Of Demographic Information (18)
15:39 Community Backlash Leads Adult Diaper Company To Drop Its Trademark Application for 'ABDL' (16)
13:29 Homeland Security's Over Obsession With Counterfeits Now Harming Innocent Buyers Of Counterfeit Goods Online (31)
12:02 US Telcos Threatened With Loss Of Government Contracts If They Do Business With Huawei (28)
10:42 Psychiatrist Drops His Lawsuit Against Critic Who Left Wordless One-Star Review (24)
10:37 Daily Deal: Virtual Training Company Subscription (0)
09:30 Quack Doctor Treating Cancer With Baking Soda Sues Skeptic For Questioning Her Cancer Treatment Methods (49)
06:27 22 State Attorneys General File Suit Against The FCC For Its Net Neutrality Repeal (67)
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