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13:43 New Illinois Law Says Cops Need A Warrant To Grab Data From (Some) Third Parties (2)
12:06 The Next Techdirt Greenhouse And Event: Remembering The SOPA Fight (6)
10:50 FTC's Second Antitrust Attempt Against Facebook Gets Past The First Hurdle (7)
10:45 Daily Deal: The Complete 2022 AWS Training Bundle (0)
09:34 FCC Politely Tells ISPs To Stop Abusing Covid Broadband Relief Program To Rip Off Poor People (8)
05:29 Polish Gov't Finally Admits It Deployed NSO Malware, Pretends Targeting Of Opposition Leaders Isn't Abusive (11)


20:00 How The Financialization Of Music Could Lead To Demands For Perpetual Copyright (44)
15:39 NYPD Officers Are Again Whining About Being Asked To Document Their Biased Policework (22)
13:46 Meta Sues Firm For Data Scraping; Claims That Signing Up For New Accounts After Being Banned Is Equivalent Of Hacking (17)
12:06 Chip Shortage Forces Canon To Issue Workarounds For Its Own Obnoxious DRM (27)
10:48 UK Government Apparently Hoping It Can Regulate End-To-End Encryption Out Of Existence (32)
10:43 Daily Deal: The Media Mac Bundle (0)
09:38 Now Israel Is Looking To Pass A Social Media Censorship Bill Too (2)
05:25 Big Tech 'Antitrust Reform' Agenda Sags, Revealing Mostly Empty Rhetoric (24)


20:49 Olive Garden At It Again Enforcing Its IP Instead Of Letting Anyone Have Some Fun With Joke NFTs (15)
15:44 Please Join Techdirt In Celebrating 'National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!' (21)
13:33 Twitter Asks Court To Reconsider Order To Unmask Anonymous Critic Of A Billionaire Over Questionable Copyright Claims (23)
12:15 Australian Government Reviews Its Encryption-Breaking Law, Says It's Cool And Good (5)
11:04 How To Destroy Innovation And Competition: Putting SHOP SAFE Act Into Innovation And Competition Act (51)
10:39 Daily Deal: Alpha Z PRO 4K And Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drones Bundle (0)
09:35 Sculptor Of Pillar Of Shame Announces It's Now Public Domain So That Anyone Can Make A Copy, As Chinese Authorities Seek To Destroy It (13)
06:35 Cable TV Cord Cutting Continues To Set Records, Though Streaming TV Is Slowing Down Too (10)


12:30 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (24)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: January 2nd - 8th (4)


19:39 MLB Commissioner Meets The Streisand Effect After Ousting Ken Rosenthal From The MLB Network (8)
15:41 PD Whose Officers Brutalized A Black Soldier For Driving To A Well-Lit Area Sued By Virginia Attorney General (18)
13:43 Senator Tillis Holds Secret Meeting With IP Maximalists To Discuss A Single US 'IP' Agency (31)
12:02 Maryland Court Says Baltimore Prosecutors Can't Hide Their 'Do Not Call' List Of Bad Cops From The Public (17)
10:44 Court Orders Twitter Reveal Anonymous Tweeter Over Sketchy Copyright Claim, Because That Tweeter Won't Show Up In Court (32)
10:41 Daily Deal: The 2022 Premium CompTIA CyberSecurity And Security+ Exam Prep Bundle (1)
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