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by Glyn Moody

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economic losses, gdp, job loss, predictions, tpp, trade


by Michael Ho

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employment, gdp, gender gap, happiness index, sahm, womenomics


by Mike Masnick

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freakonomics, gdp, stephen dubner, women


by Mike Masnick

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economics, economy, gdp, growth, innovation, jobs, john mccain


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09:30 AT&T's Broadband Caps Go Live This Week And Are The Opening Salvo In An All-Out War On Cord Cutters (37)
08:34 Copyright As Censorship: Questionable Copyright Claim Forces Indie Musician To Destroy All Physical Copies Of New Album (22)
06:27 As Netflix Locks Down Exclusive Disney Rights, The New Walled Gardens Emerge (52)
03:24 Silicon Valley Billionaire Peter Thiel Accused Of Financing Hulk Hogan's Ridiculous Lawsuits Against Gawker (45)


23:23 Appeals Court Tells Government It Must Extend Educational Institution FOIA Fee Price Break To Students (5)
17:00 DailyDirt: 3, 2, 1... Liftoff (2)
15:37 Study: One Out Of Every 178 Posts To Chinese Social Media Is Government Propaganda (12)
14:04 Another Court Finds FBI's NIT Warrants To Be Invalid, But Credits Agents' 'Good Faith' To Deny Suppression (28)
12:50 Federal Judge Catches DOJ Lying, Sanctions Lawyers With Mandatory Ethics Classes (58)
11:44 Reddit, Mozilla, Others Urge FCC To Formally Investigate Broadband Usage Caps And Zero Rating (12)
10:39 Google To France: No You Don't Get To Censor The Global Internet (55)
10:33 Daily Deal: HDR Projects 4 Professional (1)
09:38 Sony Thinks It Can Charge An 'Administrative Fee' For Fair Use (36)
08:38 Web Sheriff Abuses DMCA In Weak Attempt To Hide Info Under UK High Court Injunction, Fails Miserably (25)
06:23 Fantastic: Now British Firms Are Getting In On The Bogus Website/Bogus DMCA Notice Scam (31)
03:26 Oculus Is Hurting VR's Development By Supporting Walled Gardens, Closed Ecosystems (17)


23:23 Take-Two Says Tattoo Artist Can't Get Statutory Damages Because He Only Registered Copyright In 2015 (18)
17:00 DailyDirt: I'd Like To Be... Under The Sea (3)
15:38 Shameful: House Panel Votes Down Plan To Make Public Domain Congressional Research Public (28)
14:10 Fox In The Henhouse: Uses Someone Else's YouTube Clip In Family Guy, Then Takes Down The Original (21)
12:47 Self-Proclaimed 'Badass Lawyer' Loses Defamation Suit Against Parody Twitter Account (11)
11:39 FBI Agent Testifies That The Agency's Tor-Exploiting Malware Isn't Actually Malware (25)
10:36 Chelsea Manning Appeals 35-Year Sentence For Leaking Files (26)
10:29 Daily Deal: CompTIA A+ IT Support Technician 2016 Training (1)
09:26 You're Entitled To Your Own Opinions, But Not Your Own Facts About Copyright, NY Times Edition (84)
08:28 Another Whistleblower -- One Who Tried To Protect Other Whistleblowers -- Says The 'Official Channels' Are Worthless (17)
06:21 Paramount Apparently Going To Drop Lawsuit Against Axanar Fan Film, Produce 'Guidelines' For Fan Films (35)
03:23 Judge Says Defendant Has Right To Examine FBI's Hacking Tool While Stating FBI Has Right To Withhold Details (32)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (0)


13:30 This Week In Techdirt History: May 15th - 21st (0)
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