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HideTechdirt is off for the long weekend! We'll be back with our regular posts tomorrow.
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14:54 Why Is The NYC MTA Going After A Random Artist Who Created A Different Subway Map For Infringement? (163)
12:35 Trademark Opposition Stupidly Prevents Indians Pitcher Shane Bieber From Telling Everyone He's 'Not Justin' (12)
10:50 Rep. Devin Nunes Now Threatening To Sue Fellow Congressional Reps (109)
10:45 Daily Deal: Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor (0)
09:42 Bad Ideas: Raising The Arbitrary Age Of Internet Service 'Consent' To 16 (63)
06:22 Study Shows The Internet Is Hugely Vulnerable To SIM Hijacking Attacks (20)
03:25 Judge Says Chicago PD Must Release Nearly 50 Years Of Misconduct Files Before The End Of This Year (35)


19:43 Carve It All Up: Compumark Report Shows Trademark Registrations, Claims Of Infringement Both Rising Fast (20)
15:32 Chrome's Move To Stomp Out Third Party Cookies? Good For Privacy, Good For Google's Ad Business... Or Both? (25)
13:32 LAPD Officers Faked Reports, Added Innocent People To Its Gang Database (28)
12:00 Techdirt Podcast Episode 234: Mike Godwin Defends Selling .ORG (12)
10:34 Company Sells Surveillance Cameras Hidden In Tombstones, Threatens Websites For Talking About Its Tombstone Cameras (43)
10:31 Daily Deal: The Complete Raspberry Pi Course Bundle (1)
09:20 Content Moderation At Scale Is Impossible: YouTube Says That Frank Capra's US Government WWII Propaganda Violates Community Guidelines (123)
06:20 Some FCC Subsidized Low Income Phones Are A Chinese Malware Shitshow (14)
03:23 Malware Marketer NSO Group Looks Like It's Blowing Off Facebook's Lawsuit (22)


20:09 Game Dev Torrents Its Way To More Sales, Not Less (60)
15:33 Senator Wyden Wants Paid Ad Blocking Whitelists Investigated (19)
13:32 NSA Surprises Microsoft With A Vulnerability Disclosure Just In Time For Patch Tuesday (36)
12:04 Bill Barr: Apple Is Holding Up This Investigation. Apple: You Waited A Month To Tell Us You Needed More Help (47)
10:48 Dear Larry Lessig: Please Don't File SLAPP Suits (90)
10:42 Daily Deal: MySQL & SQL for Beginners (0)
09:27 Attorney General William Barr Says Apple Isn't Doing Enough To Let The DOJ Check Out A Dead Man's Phones (39)
06:38 India's Supreme Court Declares Country's 5 Month Internet Blackout Illegal (10)
03:34 DHS Move Ahead With Plan To Harvest DNA Samples From Nearly Everyone Detained By ICE And CBP (441)


19:36 Academic Journals In Russia Retract Over 800 Papers Because Of Plagiarism, Self-Plagiarism And 'Gift Authorship' (20)
15:36 Immunity Just Barely Denied To Cop Who Claimed Driving A Beat-Up Car And Paying For Purchases Is Suspicious Behavior (34)
13:45 Appeals Court: Not A Crime To Say A Mayor Should Get His Ass Capped (25)
12:00 California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Says She Simply Doesn't Believe All Of Those Who Have Been Harmed By Her AB5 Bill (77)
10:42 Anti-SLAPP Laws Work: Tennessee Doctor Suing Patient Over Negative Review Drops Lawsuit (13)
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