stories filed under: "firefly"


by Mike Masnick

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cease and desist, firefly, jayne hat

fox, thinkgeek


by Mike Masnick

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fan fiction, firefly, joss wheedon, movies, serenity

fox, universal

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08:28 Google Partially Caves To French Demands For More Global Censorship Of 'Forgotten' Links (26)
06:31 CenturyLink Follows Comcast's Lead, To Start Charging Broadband Overage Fees (25)
03:26 How The Dark Net Is Making Drug Purchases Safer By Eliminating Associated Violence And Improving Quality (71)


23:23 Navajo Nation's Trademark Suit Against Urban Outfitters Proceeds; But Should It? (29)
17:00 DailyDirt: Open The Door, HAL Siri Computer (6)
15:30 Apple Rejects Game Based On Bible Story Due To Content Including Violence Against Children (32)
14:04 Law Students Line Up Behind 'Baby Blue' -- Will Harvard Law Review Sue? (15)
12:44 Techdirt Reading List: From Counterculture To Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, The Whole Earth Network, And The Rise Of Digital Utopianism (1)
11:38 Years Later, White House Sends Two Copyright Treaties To Senate For Ratification: One Good, One Bad (16)
10:41 Judge Changes Mind, Says James Woods Can Likely Unmask Guy Who Made Fun Of Him On Twitter (26)
10:36 Daily Deal: Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle (4)
09:37 One Year Later, ISP Claims That Title II Would Demolish Broadband Investment Found To Be Total, Indisputable Bullshit (22)
08:32 Techdirt Crowdsourcing: How Will The TSA Idiotically Respond To The Laptop Terror Bomb? (70)
06:30 Disney's Iger On ESPN: We'll Disrupt When We Damn Well Feel Like It (22)
03:27 Drug Dogs Don't Even Have To Be Right Half The Time To Be Considered 'Reliable' By The Courts (32)


23:23 Court Says 10 Weeks Of Warrantless Surveillance Is Perfectly Constitutional (44)
17:00 DailyDirt: Watch Out! Here Comes The Spider-Man... (6)
15:45 Honda Tried To Get Jalopnik To Dox Commenter, Delete Posts, Meets The Streisand Effect Instead (19)
14:06 Federal Judge Not Amused By State Department's Continued Withholding Of Hillary Clinton's Emails (40)
12:50 Facebook Prude-Patrol Nixes Another Work Of Art By A Feminist, Entirely Proving Her Decades-Old Point (49)
11:46 Congressional Reps Submit Bill Banning Encryption Bans (24)
10:39 Artist Sues Wu-Tang Clan Member, Martin Shkreli, Vice Magazine For Copyright Infringement (6)
10:34 Daily Deal: Axis VIDIUS FPV-Camera Drone (0)
09:39 CIA Director Freaks Out After Senator Wyden Points Out How The CIA Spied On The Senate (48)
08:33 Intelligence Director James Clapper Warmly Welcomes The Internet Of Things To The NSA's Haystacks (22)
06:22 Congressmen Upton, Walden Latest To Insist Nobody Needs Faster Broadband (56)
03:21 First Report From Inside Germany's New TAFTA/TTIP Reading Room Reveals Text's Dirty Secret (28)


23:23 NHL Streaming Service Descends Into Blackout Hell; NHL Threatens Anyone Trying To Circumvent Blackouts (36)
17:00 DailyDirt: Making A Road Trip Across The US... (2)
15:44 Government Lawyers Think Open Records Reform Proposal Hands Over Too Much Power To The People (19)
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