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12:03 DOJ, Apparently Unaware Of 1st Amendment, Threaten Anonymous White House Official About To Release A Book (61)
10:44 GAO Report: TSA Has No Idea How Effective Its Suspicionless Surveillance Program Is (24)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Mastering Internet of Things Bundle (0)
09:43 FBI's Top Lawyer From The Apple Encryption Fight Says Law Enforcement Needs To Suck It Up And Embrace Encryption (11)
06:45 Shocker: ISPs Cut Back 2020 Investment Despite Tax Breaks, Death Of Net Neutrality (35)
03:46 Pharma Giant Fails To Mention -- For 18 Years -- That US Government Helped Fund A Key Patent Used In Drug That Has Generated $53 Billion In Sales So Far (21)


20:04 Appeals Court Says It's OK For Cops To Destroy Someone Else's House To Apprehend A Criminal Suspect (136)
15:32 John Oliver Takes On Fucked Up Voting Machines In The Way Only He Can (40)
13:36 Caifornia Governor Vetoes Law That Would Have Mandated Retention Of State Government Emails (10)
12:10 Prager University Loses Another Of Its Silly Lawsuits Against YouTube Over Non-Existent 'Bias' (51)
10:44 Former Journalist Decides There's Too Much Free Speech These Days (113)
10:39 Daily Deal: Black Box 1080p Dash Cam (1)
09:33 US Government Threatening To Kill Free Trade With South Africa After Hollywood Complained It Was Adopting American Fair Use Principles (21)
06:23 FCC Freaks Out About Huawei, But Ignores The Internet Of Broken Things (56)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (26)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: October 27th - November 2nd (13)


19:39 Totally In-Touch NH Lawmaker Blocks Device Repair Bill, Tells Constituents To Just Buy New $1k Phones (132)
15:34 Bob Murray, Who Sued John Oliver For Mocking His Support Of Trump's Plan To Bring Back Coal Jobs... Files For Bankruptcy (86)
13:45 Just Another Day In Academic Publishing: Professor Posts His Own Article On His Own Website, Gets Takedown Notice Alleging Copyright Infringement (26)
12:03 Facebook's Sues Israeli Malware Marketer With A Lawsuit That Aims To Make An Easily-Abused Law Even More Abusable (5)
10:44 NY Times At It Again: Has To Run Massive Correction For All The Errors In Aaron Sorkin's Facts Optional Rant About Why Facebook Should Fact Check (39)
10:39 Daily Deal: Design Wizard Pro (0)
09:37 9th Circuit Revives Ridiculous 'Shake It Off' Copyright Lawsuit, Because The 9th Circuit Loves To Mess Up Copyright Law (8)
06:28 AT&T Loses Another 1.36 Million Pay TV Subscribers Thanks To Relentless Price Hikes (18)
03:22 Man Sues Twitter For $1 Billion Claiming His Account's Suspension Violated His Right To Worship President Trump As A Demigod (92)


19:57 Deadspin Is Being Burnt To The Ground By Its New Management As Staff Quits Or Revolts (61)
14:51 Deputy Sued Over Forced Baptism Sued Again By A Minor Alleging Another Bizarre Mixture Of God And Invasive Searches (36)
12:54 Retrospective: As Sony Clearly Wins This Generation's Console Wars, Let's Recall How It All Began (64)
10:50 Australia's Idiotic War On Porn Returns, This Time Using Facial Recognition (44)
10:45 Daily Deal: The Complete Excel Pro Tips Bundle (0)
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