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by Glyn Moody

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backdoors, encryption, eu, mobile encryption, privacy


by Glyn Moody

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corporate sovereignty, eu, eu commission, isds, tafta, ttip


by Glyn Moody

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data retention, eu, the netherlands

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10:36 NY Times Gets It Right: Officials Calling For More Surveillance Are Proven Liars; Don't Listen To Them (27)
10:30 Daily Deal: PureVPN Subscription (4)
09:29 Senator Cotton Introduces Bill To Extend Unconstitutional NSA Surveillance (18)
08:27 Senator McCain Promises To Introduce Legislation To Backdoor Encryption, Make Everyone Less Safe (88)
06:44 Rep. Barton Demands The FCC Filter ISIS From The Internet (66)
03:37 Elsevier Says Downloading And Content-Mining Licensed Copies Of Research Papers 'Could Be Considered' Stealing (68)


23:31 Missouri Court Upholds Right Of Citizens To 'Vote' Traffic Enforcement Cameras Out Of 'Office' (35)
17:00 DailyDirt: What's In Your... DNA? (8)
15:30 Illinois Magistrate Judge Lays Down Ground Rules For Stingray Device Warrants (12)
13:56 That Didn't Take Long: MLB Plans Action Against Fallout 4 David Ortiz Mod (23)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 51: Bubbles, Busts & Unicorns (2)
11:47 Is There Any Evidence In The World That Would Convince Intelligence Community That More Surveillance Isn't The Answer? (85)
10:40 The Ridiculous Rush To Try To Patent Pot (69)
10:35 Daily Deal: Black Friday Started Early (0)
09:35 France Already Expanded Surveillance Twice In The Past Year -- Perhaps Expanding It Again Is Not The Answer? (42)
08:23 Insanity Rules: Disgusting Politicians Push For More Surveillance And Less Encryption... Based On Nothing (54)
06:09 More Evidence Of How Copyright Makes Culture Disappear In A Giant Black Hole (56)
03:02 TPP Says Food Health Policies Must Be 'Science-Based,' Except When That Would Harm Profits (23)


22:57 Texas A&M Concerned That Indianapolis Colts' Use Of 12th Man Might Confuse Football Fans (23)
17:00 DailyDirt: With Great Fission Power Comes Great Responsibility... (15)
15:27 Next Shoe Drops For Prenda's Paul Hansmeier: Minnesota Law Board Seeks To Disbar Him (34)
14:02 US Official Admits That Following Terrorist Attacks, It Starts Arresting People Based On Ideology To 'Get Them Off The Streets' (53)
12:43 Judge Pushes Burden Of Proof Back On DEA Agents Who Seized $11,000 From Traveling College Student (38)
11:38 Pathological: Surveillance State Defenders Use Their Own Failure In Paris To Justify Mass Surveillance (52)
10:38 FCC Refuses To Force Websites To Adhere To 'Do Not Track,' And That's A Good Thing (12)
10:32 Daily Deal: SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller (1)
09:35 Did Marco Rubio's Campaign Violate The CFAA? Will He Commit To Reforming It? (18)
08:34 Scientist Bans Use Of His Software By 'Immigrant-Friendly' Countries, So Journal Retracts Paper About His Software (24)
06:32 Pure Copyfraud: Anne Frank Foundation Trying To Pretend Her Father Wrote Her Diary... To Extend Its Copyright (40)
03:29 As Predicted: Encryption Haters Are Already Blaming Snowden (?!?) For The Paris Attacks (140)
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