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19:39 Don't Regulate The Internet Like Every Company Is The Same (122)
15:35 FCC Under Fire For Putting ALEC Rep On 'Consumer' Advisory Board (23)
13:32 Sixth Circuit Court Dumps Lawsuit Seeking To Hold Twitter Responsible For The Pulse Nightclub Shooting (12)
12:05 Peachtree Officials Come To Their Senses, Vote Down Plan To Finance Lawsuits Against Critics Following Widespread Criticism (13)
10:44 Facebook's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Privacy Week (17)
10:39 Daily Deal: Standard Plan (0)
09:31 The DOJ Isn't Buying T-Mobile's Nonsensical Merger Benefit Claims (11)
06:28 Supreme Court Again Ducks A Chance To Clarify First Amendment Protections (24)
03:24 The UK's Dubious Plan For Age-Based Porn Filters Begins On July 15 (18)


19:59 Dallas Mavericks Fail To Get Trademark For Its Star Player's Nickname (6)
15:38 Tennessee Sheriff Defends Department's Armored Vehicle With A String Of Non Sequiturs (28)
13:40 Peachtree City Wants To Use Taxpayer Money To Sue Critics Of City Government (28)
12:00 Don't Force Web Platforms To Silence Innocent People (34)
10:48 New Paper: Why Section 230 Is Better Than The First Amendment (39)
10:43 Daily Deal: Excel Data Analyst Certification School (0)
09:33 James Comey Offers Up Half-Assed Apology For Being Such An Asshole About Encryption (28)
06:37 White House Won't Share Data On Whether It Interfered In AT&T Merger Review (13)
03:35 That Was Quick: Thomas Goolnik Already Gets Google To Forget Our Latest Story About Thomas Goolnik Getting Google To Forget Stories About Thomas Goolnik (55)


19:44 The End Of The Absurdity: Iceland, The Country, Successfully Invalidates The Trademark Of Iceland Foods, The Grocerer (26)
15:34 John Oliver Has Famous Actors Act Out The Deposition Richard Sackler Is Trying To Hide (12)
13:35 Google Pays $3.8 Million To Clean Up Its Fiber Mess In Louisville (15)
12:12 EU Parliament Votes To Require Internet Sites To Delete 'Terrorist Content' In One Hour (By 3 Votes) (46)
10:43 Stop Saying That Section 230 Was A 'Gift To Internet Companies' (44)
10:38 Daily Deal: TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones (2)
09:33 Government Tossing Child Porn Cases Rather Than Discuss Its Torrent-Tracking Software In Court (23)
06:29 No, YouTube Cannot Reasonably Moderate All Content On Its Platform (98)
03:23 Could Article 13's Upload Filters Be Thrown Out Because Of The EU-Canada Trade Deal CETA? (30)


19:31 Take-Two Dismisses Its Lawsuit Against Pinkerton Agency As The Latter Runs From Its Own Cease And Desist (23)
15:33 Motel 6 To Pay Out Another $12 Million For Handing Guest Info To ICE (31)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 208: A Free Speech Chat With FIRE (10)
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