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11:56 Taser Seeking To Lock Down Body Camera Market With 'Free' Camera Offer To Law Enforcement Agencies (19)
10:48 Tennessee Gives AT&T, Comcast Millions In New Taxpayer Subsidies, Yet Banned A City-Owned ISP From Expanding Broadband Without Taxpayer Aid (23)
10:43 Daily Deal: Project Management Institute Training Bundle (0)
09:28 Legal Threat From Creator Of Wall St. Bull Statue Even More Full Of Bull Than Expected (29)
06:27 FTC Commissioner: If The FCC Kills Net Neutrality, Don't Expect Our Help (48)
03:22 Denuvo Strikes Back: The DRM Has Been Patched And Is Working... For Now (40)


17:59 Q&A With Wine Country IP Attorneys Shows Just How Problematic Trademark Is Becoming (7)
14:58 Texas Supreme Court Is Skeptical About Wikipedia As A Dictionary (16)
13:22 Uber Now Banned In Italy... Because Competition Is Bad? (22)
11:53 The Bull Statue Copyright Claim Is Ridiculous... But Here's Why It Just Might Work (41)
11:37 City Officials Step Up After DOJ Told To Stop Worrying About Civil Rights Violations By Law Enforcement Agencies (27)
10:40 Daily Deal: ARMOR-X One-Lock Air Vent Car Mount (0)
09:30 Yes, There Are Other Laws That Protect Privacy, But FCC's Rules Were Still Helpful (12)
06:08 FBI Tries New Rule 41 Changes On For Size In Fight Against Long-Running Botnet (16)
03:11 Portugal Pushes Law To Partially Ban DRM, Allow Circumvention (22)


17:49 eSports Gets An Introduction To Major College Sports At The University Of Utah (11)
14:52 Idaho Governor Says Cops Matter More Than The Public Or Its Representatives, Vetoes Forfeiture Reform Bill (23)
13:15 Techdirt Podcast Episode 117: Why This ISP Supports Net Neutrality, Privacy Rules And More (1)
11:41 MPA Gets Ireland To Crack Open The Site-Blocking Door It Plans To Bust Through (27)
10:43 Attorney General Kills Off Study Of DOJ's Highly-Flawed Forensic Practices And Evidence (36)
10:38 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want For The Ultimate Android Development Bundle (1)
09:39 70% Support Letting Cities Build Their Own Broadband Networks, So Why Are We Still Passing State Laws Banning It? (24)
06:31 Moderate French Presidential Candidate Suggests He May Pressure US Tech Companies Into Creating Encryption Backdoors (66)
03:26 Dear CD Projekt Red: Please Stop Trying To Get Trademarks On The Common Name Of A Genre (22)


18:00 Deputy Loses Immunity For Battering Arrestee, Tightly Handcuffing Him For Three Hours As 'Punishment' (46)
14:58 Canada's National Police Force Officially Confirms Ownership, Use Of Stingray Devices (13)
13:16 Kim Dotcom Asks US Supreme Court Not To Allow US Government To Steal All His Stuff Without Due Process (77)
11:44 Hackers Set Off Dallas' 156 Warning Sirens Dozens Of Times (25)
10:41 Dangerous Ruling On DMCA Safe Harbors May Backfire On Hollywood (15)
10:36 Daily Deal: Windscribe VPN (7)
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