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(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Mike Masnick

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downloads, users



by Mike Masnick

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downloads, music, services, uk

universal music, virgin


by Carlo Longino

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downloads, drm, study


by Mike Masnick

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downloads, music, sweden


by Mike Masnick

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adventureland, downloads, movies, twitter

miramax, twitter


by Carlo Longino

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china, downloads, labels, music, piracy


Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

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copyright, downloads, italy, jail, licenses


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09:38 UK's Health Secretary Has The Solution To Cyberbullying & Sexting: Nerds Should Nerd Harder (48)
08:29 Court Case Management Software Upgrade Results In Bogus Felony Convictions, Wrongful Arrests (25)
06:27 UK Police Circumventing Cellphone Encryption By 'Mugging' Suspects While Their Phones Are Unlocked (47)
03:26 Encryption Survey Indicates Law Enforcement Feels It's Behind The Tech Curve; Is Willing To Create Backdoors To Catch Up (18)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (18)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: November 27th - December 3rd (2)


19:39 ACLU Suggests Jury Instructions Might Be A Fix For 'Missing' Police Body Camera Recordings (37)
16:47 Court Rubber Stamps IRS's Demand To Get All Coinbase User Data (21)
14:42 Canada's Attempt To Force Cheaper, More Flexible Cable Packages Is A Bit Of A Joke (18)
13:11 Antigua Says It Will Certainly, Absolutely, Definitely Use WTO Permission To Ignore US Copyright And Set Up A Pirate Site, Maybe (20)
11:49 More National Security Letters Made Public After Government Drops Its Attempt To Keep Its Gag Orders In Place (9)
10:42 Every Website Needs To Re-register With The Copyright Office, Who Can't Build A Functioning System (52)
10:37 Daily Deal: VoCore2 Mini Linux Computer + Ultimate Dock (2)
09:38 Comcast Loses Just $5.50 Per Month When You Cut The Cord Thanks To Its Growing Broadband Monopoly (28)
08:31 Intelligence Committee Senators Call On Obama To Declassify Evidence Of Russian Election Interference (31)
06:31 Senator Feinstein Asks President Obama To Declassify Senate's CIA Torture Report (23)
03:27 Appeals Court Dumps Infringement Lawsuit Against EA After Plaintiff Fails To Produce Evidence (8)


17:36 Who Gets To Trademark Iceland? (21)
14:40 Thanks To Months Of Doing Nothing, Senate Allows DOJ's Rule 41 Changes To Become Law (29)
13:07 After Zero Rating Backlash, Facebook Returns With New, Somewhat Murky 'Express WiFi' Initiative (4)
11:52 Gap Between Wiretaps Reported By US Courts And Recipient Service Providers Continues To Grow (10)
10:46 Trump Appoints Third Anti-Net Neutrality Advisor To Telecom Transition Team (125)
10:41 Daily Deal: Essential Microsoft MCSE Certification Exams Training (0)
09:39 China Files A Million Patents In A Year, As Government Plans To Increase Patentability Of Software (23)
08:35 Border Patrol Stops Journalist From Heading To Dakota Pipeline Protests, Searches All Of His Electronic Devices (74)
06:30 Wall Street Is Dreaming Of Megamergers Under Trump -- Including A Verizon-Comcast Super Union (93)
03:25 Activist Appeals Court Decision Stating Public Has No First Amendment Right To Record In Public Areas (12)


22:35 Stupid Patent Of The Month: Movies From The Cloud (14)
16:30 Game Developer Updates Game To Remove Denuvo DRM As Fans Cheer (26)
14:38 Appeals Court Says Warrantless Use Of Stingray Devices Probably OK (13)
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