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09:38 Twitter Fixes Its Bad Policy On Blocking 'Hacked' Documents (53)
06:19 Half Of Smartphone Users Incorrectly Think They Already Have 5G (25)
03:22 Mumbai Police Help Indian Prime Minister Modi Scrub BuzzFeed Of Images That Offended His Delicate Sensibilities (11)


20:00 Take-Two Opposes Trademark For An Entertainment Company Running An Axe-Throwing Facility (10)
15:34 We Interrupt This Hellscape With A Bit Of Good News On The Copyright Front (12)
13:46 Ted Cruz Once Insisted That Net Neutrality Was The Gov't Takeover Of The Internet; Now Demands That Twitter Host All Nonsense (73)
12:05 Blatant Hypocrite Ajit Pai Decides To Move Forward With Bogus, Unconstitutional Rulemaking On Section 230 (158)
10:44 DOJ Is Suing Melania Trump's Ex-Friend Over Her Book, Despite Never Being A Government Employee (42)
10:39 Daily Deal: Lumen5 Video Maker Starter Plan (0)
09:31 Facebook & Twitter Try To Limit The Spread Of Sketchy NY Post Story; Leading To Ridiculous Trumpist Meltdown (144)
06:25 Verizon's New 'Nationwide' 5G Isn't Nationwide, Barely Faster Than 4G (9)
03:25 Microsoft Wields Its IP For Good, Cripples Botnet Via Trademark Litigation (17)


20:44 How Linus Torvalds Invented Today's Work From Home Paradigm In 1991 (35)
15:37 Content Moderation Case Study: Handling Off Platform Harassment On Platform (June 2020) (13)
13:42 An Update On The Pretty Crummy Supreme Court Term So Far On Issues We Care About (12)
12:09 With 42,000 Layoffs Since 2017, AT&T Plans Thousands More Layoffs At HBO, Time Warner (12)
10:48 Twitter Attempts To Add A Bit Of Friction In Run Up To The Election (148)
10:43 Daily Deal: Refurbished Acer Chromebook (3)
09:39 FBI Sent A Special Task Force To Portland To 'Exploit' Phones Taken From Protesters (12)
06:49 FCC's Pai Puts Final Bullet In Net Neutrality Ahead Of Potential Demotion (22)
03:51 Court Says Twitter Must Unmask User Whose Bogus Document Jumpstarted Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory (25)


19:38 Esports March On: Nike Jumps In With Glitzy Ad While Forbes Ponders If Esports Will Be Our New Pastime (5)
15:36 If Something Is Advertised As A Knockoff Product... Is It No Longer Counterfeiting? (34)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 258: The TikTok Order And What It Means For Innovation (0)
12:09 Clarence Thomas Doesn't Like Section 230, Adding To His Anti-Free Speech Legacy (39)
10:42 Five Eyes Countries Band Together To Complain About Facebook And End-To-End Encryption (34)
10:37 Daily Deal: iBolt ChargeDock With MFi-Certified Cable (0)
09:33 Law Enforcement Also Using 'Reverse' Warrants To Obtain Google Searches (18)
06:37 As COVID Highlights U.S. Broadband Failures, State Bans On Community Broadband Look Dumber Than Ever (24)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (3)
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