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13:37 Oracle, Which Promised To Protect TikTok User Data From China, Helps Chinese Law Enforcement Snarf Through Lots Of Private Data (17)
12:01 India's New Cyber Law Goes Live: Subtracts Safe Harbor Protections, Adds Compelled Assistance Demands For Intermediaries (28)
10:43 Illinois Lawmaker Proposes Unconstitutional Ban Of 'GTA' In Response To Carjackings (54)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Learn to Code 2021 Bundle (1)
09:37 Content Moderation At Scale Is Impossible: Recent Examples Of Misunderstanding Context (25)
06:30 Study Shows California Telcos Are Simply Letting Their Networks Fall Apart (9)
03:31 Fifth Circuit Says Tasing A Person Soaked In Gasoline And Setting Them On Fire Isn't An Unreasonable Use Of Force (50)


19:52 Monster Energy Goes After Autobody Shop Because Of It's 'M' Logo And Use Of Green Color (15)
15:43 The Internet Has Enabled Independent Journalism To Flourish In Russia (For Now, At Least) (4)
13:35 Another Report Shows US Consumers Don't Get The Broadband Speeds They Pay For (14)
11:58 How We Created A Virtual Workshop To Help A Group Of Brilliant Thinkers Explore 'Positive' Futures Around AI (3)
10:47 Tennessee Politicians Ask State Colleges To Forbid Student-Athletes From Kneeling During The National Anthem (51)
10:40 Daily Deal: The Complete Logo Design In Photoshop Course (1)
09:47 DRM Screws People Yet Again: Book DRM Data Breach Exposes Reporters' Emails And Passwords (13)
06:26 Comcast Forced To Back Off Broadband Cap Expansion... Until Next Year (18)
03:26 Supreme Court Rolls Back Another Horrible Qualified Immunity Decision By The Fifth Circuit (21)


19:43 Stadia Fallout: Nobody Can Address Stadia Games' Bugs Because Google Fired All The Developers (23)
15:38 Content Moderation Case Study: Chatroulette Leverages New AI To Combat Unwanted Nudity (2020) (10)
13:43 Techdirt Podcast Episode 271: Gaming Like It's 1925 (0)
12:14 Appeals Court Rejects New York Police Unions' Attempt To Block Disclosure Of Disciplinary Records (9)
10:45 California Poised To Defeat Broadband Industry In Scrum Over Net Neutrality (16)
10:41 The 2021 Premium Unity Game Developer Certification Bundle (0)
09:30 Yet Another Story Shows How Facebook Bent Over Backwards To Put In Place Different Rules For Conservatives (155)
06:56 The DOJ/FCC 'Fix' For The T-Mobile Merger Is Looking More And More Like Theater (9)
03:53 Treasury Oversight Says IRS Should Consider Getting Warrants Before Buying Location Data From Data Brokers (4)


19:52 Google Disbands Stadia Game Developers And Signals Potential For More Trouble Ahead (17)
15:34 Facebook's Australian News Ban Did Demonstrate The Evil Of Zero Rating (18)
13:40 Is Mandated Sideloading The Answer To App Store Deplatforming? (23)
12:10 Arizona's $24-Million Prison Management Software Is Keeping People Locked Up Past The End Of Their Sentences (23)
10:42 Attacks On Internet Free Speech In Malaysia And Indonesia Demonstrate Why Section 230 Is So Important (13)
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