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by Karl Bode

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cybersecurity, kenya, registration, wifi


by Mike Masnick

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cisa, cybersecurity, mitch mcconnell, ndaa, senate

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14:32 Federal Judge Says Real-Time Cell Location Info -- Whether Obtained With A Stingray Or Not -- Requires The Use Of A Warrant (7)
13:00 Techdirt Podcast Episode 86: Have Platforms Killed The Open Internet By Replacing Protocols? (7)
11:44 Dallas PD Asks Attorney General For Permission To Withhold 'Embarrassing' Documents About Its Bomb Robot (31)
10:42 Ed Snowden Explains Why Hackers Published NSA's Hacking Tools (14)
10:37 Daily Deal: The Perfect Python Programming Bundle (0)
09:37 Billionaire Backer Of Palantir & Facebook Insists He's Bankrupting Journalists To Protect Your Privacy (42)
08:30 Disappointing: LinkedIn Abusing CFAA & DMCA To Sue Scraping Bots (8)
06:31 Broadband Industry Think Tank Claims Comcast Plan To Charge More For Privacy 'Pro Consumer' (34)
03:28 University Tracks Students' Movements Using WiFi, But Says It's OK Because It's Not Tracking Students (36)


22:57 Trademark Office Tosses Phyllis Schlafly's Opposition To Her Nephew's Brewery Name Trademark Application (24)
16:13 Lots Of Newspapers Discovering That Paywalls Don't Work (39)
14:44 Study Says Police Body Cameras Have Contributed To Increased Uses Of Deadly Force (21)
13:07 Democratic National Committee Creates A 'Cybersecurity Board' Without A Single Cybersecurity Expert (44)
11:48 AdWeek Articles On Google Ad VP Torrence Boone Hit With Bogus DMCA Notices Issued By Bogus 'News' Websites (18)
10:41 Which Crazy Copyright Holder Took Down Katie Ledecky/Carlos Santana 'Smooth' Mashup First? (28)
10:30 Daily Deal: Mophie Powerstation XL And Mophie Juice Pack Air (0)
09:34 Did The FBI Get Confused And Arrest One Of Its Own Informants For Helping Create One Of Its Own Plots? (23)
08:33 Snowden Docs Show NSA, New Zealand Spied On Pro-Democracy Activists (25)
06:29 Why Apple Removing The Audio Jack From The iPhone Would Be A Very, Very, Very, Bad Move (67)
03:23 DEA Accessing Millions Of Travelers' Records To Find Cash To Seize (71)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (0)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: August 7th - 13th (0)
09:00 Awesome Stuff: Time Is Running Out For Two Techdirt T-Shirts! (6)


19:39 French Government Wants A 'Global Initiative' To Undermine Encryption And Put Everyone At Risk (41)
16:20 The Five Technologies That Are Now -- And Will Be -- In Your Home (20)
14:39 Terrorist-Fighting License Plate Readers Just Mobile Revenue Generators Cruising Poor Neighborhoods (31)
13:06 FTC Sues 1-800 Contacts For Restricting Competitors From Using Competitive Keyword Advertising (1)
11:48 Volkswagen Created A 'Backdoor' To Basically All Its Cars... And Now Hackers Can Open All Of Them (40)
10:46 Appeals Court Says It's Perfectly Fine For The DOJ To Steal Kim Dotcom's Money Before Any Trial (73)
10:41 Daily Deal: Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones And Tablets (1)
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