stories filed under: "crime"

(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Tim Cushing

Filed Under:
crime, police, predictive policing, shilling



by Joyce Hung

Filed Under:
atm, crime, criminals, fraud, robbery, schemes, skimming, theft, urban legend


by Michael Ho

Filed Under:
banking, cheaters, crime, fraud, libor, scams



by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
crime, lead, statistics, unintended consequences


by Timothy Geigner

Filed Under:
crime, driving, drunk driving, social media


Legal Issues

by Zachary Knight

Filed Under:
crime, education, photography, police

(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Glyn Moody

Filed Under:
crime, evidence, searches

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12:48 France Responds To Paris Attacks By Rushing Through Internet Censorship Law (41)
11:43 Gmail Takes A Sledgehammer To The Techdirt Daily Newsletter When Not Even A Scalpel Is Needed (72)
10:41 YouTube Puts Some Monetary Weight Behind Fighting For Fair Use: Others Should Too (17)
10:36 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want JavaScript Development Bundle (0)
09:22 Dumb Idea... Or The Dumbest Idea? Seize Terrorists' Copyrights And Then Censor Them With The DMCA (71)
08:16 Chipotle Exposes Private Data By Sending HR E-mails Via Unowned Domain, Doesn't See The Problem (37)
06:08 Hillary Clinton Joins The 'Make Silicon Valley Break Encryption' Bandwagon (148)
03:10 Loretta Lynch Essentially Says The Ferguson Effect Is Bullshit (31)


23:11 A Weave Is Not A Toy: Toys R Us Opposes Hair Extension Company Trademark (19)
17:00 DailyDirt: Does It Take A Village Or A Japanese Metropolis? (30)
15:30 Pastafarian Wins Battle To Wear Pasta Strainer In License Photo (50)
14:15 Okay, Now A Survivor Member Really Did Sue Mike Huckabee For Using 'Eye Of The Tiger' At Kim Davis Rally (33)
12:54 Techdirt Reading List: The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation (9)
11:48 The Paris Attacks And The Encryption/Surveillance Bogeyman: The Story So Far (52)
10:43 Ted Koppel Writes Entire Book About How Hackers Will Take Down Our Electric Grid... And Never Spoke To Any Experts (50)
10:40 Daily Deal: Ultimate CompTIA Advanced Training Bundle (1)
09:21 The Paris Attacks Were An Intelligence Community Failure, Not An 'Encryption' Problem (41)
08:22 What's The Evidence Mass Surveillance Works? Not Much (18)
06:10 Why Does The Press Have To Keep Fixing All Of Comcast's Screw Ups? (38)
03:04 TV Industry Starts Running Fewer Ads To Combat Netflix, Cord Cutting (53)


23:05 Frequent Errors In Scientific Software May Undermine Many Published Results (45)
17:00 DailyDirt: Saving For A Rainy Day (6)
15:28 WIPO Gives EFF Control Over Bogus Domain Used To Distribute Keyloggers And Other Malware (6)
14:03 Defense Lawyers Claim FBI Illegally Bugged Outside Steps Of County Courthouse (24)
12:46 Manhattan DA's Office Serves Up Craptastic White Paper Asking For A Ban On Encryption (55)
11:33 After Endless Demonization Of Encryption, Police Find Paris Attackers Coordinated Via Unencrypted SMS (97)
10:36 NY Times Gets It Right: Officials Calling For More Surveillance Are Proven Liars; Don't Listen To Them (27)
10:30 Daily Deal: PureVPN Subscription (4)
09:29 Senator Cotton Introduces Bill To Extend Unconstitutional NSA Surveillance (18)
08:27 Senator McCain Promises To Introduce Legislation To Backdoor Encryption, Make Everyone Less Safe (88)
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