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15:33 Fatal Houston PD Drug Raid Apparently Predicated On Drugs A Cop Had Stashed In His Car (72)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 200: The (Big?) Business Of Podcasting (3)
12:04 A Conversation With EU Parliament Member Marietje Schaake About Digital Platforms And Regulation, Part I (18)
10:44 FOSTA Co-Sponsor Richard Blumenthal Tells Court FOSTA Didn't Change CDA 230 & That It Was Written To Violate 1st Amendment (49)
10:39 Daily Deal: Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:08 German Politician Thinks Gmail Constituent Messages Are All Faked By Google (53)
06:07 United States Gifted With 33rd National Emergency By President Who Says It's Not Really An Emergency (198)
03:04 EU Commission Decides To Mock The Public; Insists Fears About EU Copyright Directive Are All Myths (99)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (16)


12:00 Gaming Like It's 1923: Winners Coming Soon! (9)


19:39 Wrestler Booker T Sues Activision For Copyright Infringement Over Fairly Generic Character Depiction (23)
15:30 Appeals Court Takes No Time At All In Rejecting Patent Troll's Ridiculous Lawsuit Against Cloudflare (71)
13:42 Can Russia Actually 'Unplug' From The Internet? (18)
12:10 Good Luck, Japan: Government About To Make All Copyright Infringement A Criminal Offense (68)
10:44 Calling Out Copyright Troll Mathew Higbee (27)
10:39 Daily Deal: CuriosityStream 2 Year Subscription (0)
09:20 Georgia Gov't Employee Somehow Manages To Get Criminally Charged For Violating Public Records Laws (5)
06:15 5G Has Become The Magic Pixie Dust Of Tech Policy Conversations (19)
03:16 Sony Using Copyright To Take Down Its Own Anti-Piracy Propaganda (27)


20:02 Sony: We Are Totally Open For Crossplay, Game Developers: No, You Totally Are Not (16)
14:47 FBI's Internal Investigations Of Shootings By Agents Clears Agents 98% Of The Time (34)
12:17 Study Reinforces How Much The Internet Has Enabled Content Creators To Make Money (219)
10:40 ICE Set Up A Fake College To Bust Immigrants For Trying To Legally Stay In The Country While They Earned Degrees (129)
10:35 Daily Deal: The Complete CompTIA Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:13 Someone Impersonated New Jersey's Attorney General To Demand Cloudflare Takedown 3d Printed Gun Instructions (32)
06:10 In Wake Of Verizon Flub, New Law Would Ban Wireless Throttling Of First Responders (23)
02:10 EU Moves Forward With Agreement To Fundamentally Change The Internet From Open To Closed (229)


19:53 Movie Torrents Shown To Actually Boost Box Office Sales For Post-Release Movies (35)
14:42 Interested In Helping Advance Tech Policy In The Right Direction? Here's An Amazing Opportunity (19)
12:14 Federal Judge Thinks The Best Fix For An Accidentally Unsealed Court Doc Is Prior Restraint (35)
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