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Music Industry

by Mike Masnick

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authorized, content, fred wilson

(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Mike Masnick

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apps, content, ipad, iphone, itunes, point of sales


Movie Industry

by Mike Masnick

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content, licensing, movies, streaming, value



by Mike Masnick

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broadcast, community, content, internet, rupert murdoch

news corp.


by Mike Masnick

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content, net neutrality, video

comcast, level 3, zoom


by Mike Masnick

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authors, content, creation, henry jenkins


by Mike Masnick

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advertising, content, grover, old spice, sesame street


by Mike Masnick

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content, kids, paid content

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09:58 Wireless, Cable Industries Show Their Love Of An 'Open Internet' By Suing To Overturn Net Neutrality Rules (10)
08:28 No, Getting Your Music Played On The Radio Is Nothing Like Slavery (106)
06:22 The Mere Threat Of Google Fiber Has Time Warner Cable Offering Speeds Six Times Faster At The Same Price (33)
04:17 UK Government Can Now Hand Out Two-Year Sentences For Revenge Porn, Online Trolling (14)
01:15 Another Reason To Deploy Encryption Widely: Spiking China's 'Great Cannon' Attack (18)


21:08 Zenefits Allowed Back Into Utah After Insurance Brokers Tried To Kill The Innovative Startup (7)
17:00 DailyDirt: Will This Problem Ever Go Away? (11)
16:05 Court Dismisses Prenda's Ridiculous Defamation Lawsuit Against Internet Critics & Guy Whose Signature It Forged (11)
14:38 Telco Lobby Sues FCC Over Net Neutrality Rules Yet Again... Just In Case The First Time Didn't Work (9)
13:23 Baltimore Cops Asked Creators Of 'The Wire' To Keep Cellphone Surveillance Vulnerabilities A Secret (17)
12:09 Anonymous Targeting CloudFlare Seems To Go Against Anonymous' History (45)
12:06 Daily Deals: Linux Learner Bundle (4)
10:45 Senate Intelligence Committee Finally Decides That Maybe It Should Figure Out What The Intelligence Community Is Up To (21)
09:29 White House Floats Idea Of Crypto Backdoor... If The Key Is Broken Into Multiple Pieces (140)
07:58 One Year Ago, FBI Insisted That 'Terrorist' Guy It Arrested Last Week Was No Threat At All (22)
05:56 Teen Changes Wallpaper On Teacher's Computer; Gets Charged With A Felony By Sheriff's Office (109)
03:56 Latest Russian Censorship Move: Banning Internet Memes Using Photos Of Celebrities (18)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (10)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: April 5th - 11th (7)
09:00 Awesome Stuff: Monitor Everything (4)


19:39 EFF Helps Bust Bogus Patent That Was Being Used To Shake Down Podcasters (33)
18:17 2009 DHS Document Says Border Patrol Can Search/Copy The Contents Of Your Device Just Because It Wants To (34)
17:00 DailyDirt: The Golden Arches Has Over A Billion Served... But The Rate Is Slowing (13)
15:50 Hecklers Try To Veto University Screening Of 'American Sniper;' May Find Themselves Watching 'Paddington Bear' Instead (117)
14:31 Court Adds Much-Needed Element Of Malice To Nova Scotia's Terrible Cyberbullying Law (7)
13:22 FBI Breaks Up Another Of Its Own 'ISIS' Plots, Where It Supplied Most Of The Planning (66)
12:07 Google Rejects Postal For Google Play Store Due To Violence; GTA Games Still Available For Purchase (32)
12:02 Daily Deals: GT-ZO1 Touchscreen Dashcam (9)
10:58 Don't Think Open Access Is Important? It Might Have Prevented Much Of The Ebola Outbreak (15)
09:43 Copyrights & Patents Have Become A Religion; All Data Will Be Ignored (129)
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