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Wall Street

by Mike Masnick

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barry diller, conglomerates, mergers, spinoffs


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18:27 World Of Tanks Developer Gets Negative Review Video Taken Down Under Threat Of Copyright Claim, Backlash Ensues (27)
15:35 DOJ Officials Express An Interest In Prosecuting Leakers And Whistleblowers (110)
13:34 Cloudflare Ups The Ante In Search Of Prior Art To Invalidate ALL Patents From Patent Troll Blackbird Tech (18)
11:58 Brazilian Journalist Detained By UK Border Police For Reading A Book About ISIS (36)
10:44 UK Government Using Manchester Attacks As An Excuse To Kill Encryption (84)
10:39 Daily Deal: Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch (0)
09:32 Some Of The Best Net Neutrality Reporting Is... Coming From Sites Owned By Verizon? (12)
06:28 Despite Claiming It's Now On Par With Apple, Comcast's Already Bad Satisfaction Ratings Are Actually Getting Worse (18)
03:24 Colombian Grad Student Finally Cleared Of Criminal Charges For Posting Academic Article Online (22)


18:31 Titan Note Continues Trying To Sell Its Questionable Device; Its Own Actions Keep Raising More Questions (19)
15:48 Senate Should Either Fix Or Get Off The Pot On Copyright Office Bill (21)
13:41 Boston Globe Blocks Readers Using Privacy Modes In Browsers (21)
11:55 RNC, Chamber Of Commerce Want Robocallers To Be Able To Spam Your Voicemail Without Your Phone Ringing (60)
10:46 Turkish President Demands Google Delist A Bunch Of Websites Comparing Him To Hitler (20)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete Programming Language Bootcamp (0)
09:21 Congressional Rep Pushes His 'Hack Back' Bill By Claiming It Would Have Prevented The WannaCry Ransomware Attack (21)
06:16 The FCC Doesn't Care That Somebody's Spamming Its Net Neutrality Proceeding With Fraudulent Comments (68)
03:17 Appeals Court Revives Wikimedia's Lawsuit Against The NSA (9)


18:23 Trademark Has Come To This: Tinder Opposes Dating App With Only One Lonely Dude On Its Dating Roster (20)
15:00 If Net Neutrality Dies, Comcast Can Just Block A Protest Site Instead Of Sending A Bogus Cease-And-Desist (56)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 123: No, The MP3 Isn't Dead (8)
11:57 Someone Under Federal Indictment Impersonates A Journalist To File Bogus DMCA Notice (21)
10:41 Apple, Verizon Join Forces To Lobby Against New York's 'Right To Repair' Law (60)
10:36 Daily Deal: Ethical Hacking From A to Z (1)
09:31 ICE Using Stingrays To Track Down Immigrants Because Of Course It Is (20)
06:33 Cable Companies Refuse To Put Their Breathless Love Of Net Neutrality Down In Writing (19)
03:26 FBI Insider Threat Program Documents Show How Little It Takes To Be Branded A Threat To The Agency (26)


18:05 Financial Times Editorial: Time To 'Ditch' Corporate Sovereignty In Trade Deals (25)
15:17 Law Enforcement 'Training And Expertise' On Parade! (31)
13:16 Yet Another Bad Idea: Dropping Facial Recognition Software Into Police Body Cameras (43)
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