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11:59 ICE Has Access To ALPR Databases, Bypasses Internal Restrictions By Outsourcing Searches To Local Cops (9)
10:44 If You Think Big Internet Companies Are Somehow To Blame For The New Zealand Massacre, You're Wrong (103)
10:39 Daily Deal: Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle 2019 (0)
09:34 Court Dismissed Lawsuit Brought Against Social Media Companies Alleging An Anti-Conservative Conspiracy (183)
06:14 Verizon Confirms That Yes, 5G Will Cost You Extra (50)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (62)


12:00 Game Jam Winner Spotlight: Chimneys And Tulips (13)


19:39 The 2012 Web Blackout Helped Stop SOPA/PIPA And Then ACTA; Here Comes The 2019 Version To Stop Article 13 (95)
15:30 Ninth Circuit Tells Online Services: Section 230 Isn't For You (127)
13:39 $900 Robot Commits Adorable Seppuku, Showing Again How In The Modern Era You Don't Own What You Buy (40)
12:04 Online 'Reputation Management' Company Brags About Abusing Copyright Law To Take Down Bad Reviews (34)
10:44 Appeals Court: Stored Communications Act Privacy Protections Cover Opened And Read Emails (9)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete Big Data Master Class Bundle (0)
09:51 CBP Still Arresting Immigrants Trying To Stay In The Country By Furthering Their Education (20)
06:45 Hearing On New Net Neutrality Law Once Again Conjures Up A Greatest Hits Of Nonsense (44)
03:47 News Organization Like Reuters Supporting The EU Copyright Directive Is A Shameful Support For Censorship (17)


19:57 Japanese Government Puts Restrictive Copyright Amendments On Hold Over 'Internet Atrophy' Worries (12)
15:39 Arkansas Senate Unanimously Approves A Conviction Requirement For Asset Forfeiture (18)
13:32 Thai Government Uses Fake News Law To Lock Up Opposing Party Leaders (8)
11:58 Security Researcher Discovers Flaws In Yelp-For-MAGAs App, Developer Threatens To Report Him To The Deep State (65)
10:46 Bogus DMCA Takedown Targeting Indian Copyright Blog Demonstrates The Problems Of Notice And Takedown (30)
10:39 Daily Deal: Raspberry Pi 3B+ & 37 Sensors Starter Kit (1)
09:36 Texas Senator Who's Experienced Some Press Criticism Introduces Bill To Gut State's Anti-SLAPP Law (20)
06:32 Why, Exactly, Do We Still Trust Telecom Megamerger 'Synergy' Promises? (32)
03:25 Axel Voss Says Maybe YouTube Shouldn't Exist (80)


19:31 New Florida Bill Seeks To Bury Recordings Of Mass Shootings (43)
16:04 Big Fair Use Win For Mashups: 'Oh, The Places You'll Boldly Go!' Deemed To Be Fair Use (39)
13:34 NYTimes Reporter Gets Bogus Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed As Judge Philosophizes About SLAPP Suits (5)
12:04 FOIA Documents Detail DHS/CBP's Rules-Free Rollout Of Biometric Scanning Program (14)
10:44 German Government Confirms That Article 13 Does Mean Upload Filters, Destroying Claims To The Contrary Once And For All (42)
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