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19:51 Woof: The Prosecco People Successfully Oppose A Pet-Treat Company's 'Pawsecco' Trademark Application (2)
15:39 Report On Milwaukee PD Body Cams Show Fewer Complaints, Fewer Stops, But No Reduction In Use Of Force (5)
13:40 The Demise Of Copyright Toleration (15)
12:05 Court Says It's Unconstitutional For Trump To Block People On Twitter, But Doesn't Actually Order Him To Stop (83)
10:44 Comcast Exposes Customer WiFi SSIDs and Passwords For Customers Paying To Rent A Comcast Router (38)
10:38 Daily Deal: Nope Portable Sound Microphone Blockers 2-Pack (16)
09:29 Hey Elon Musk, Let's Talk About The Media (24)
06:22 DHS Fusion Center Gets Request For Documents On Extremists, Decides To Hand Over Mind Control Docs Instead (33)
03:23 No, The FTC Is Not Going To Do A Good Job Policing Net Neutrality (28)


19:40 Michigan Takes On The NSA With New Law, But Probably Won't Have Much Of An Impact (6)
15:39 EPA's War On Journalists Is Not A Good Look (18)
13:45 Operators Arrested For Letting Money Influence Editorial Decisions (74)
11:55 The Attorney General Thinks Police Having To Follow The Constitution Leads To Violent Crime Increases (39)
10:40 Many Of Those Desperate GDPR Emails You've Been Getting Are Violating A Different EU Regulation (32)
10:35 Daily Deal: Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp (0)
09:40 Facebook Moderation Ramps Up In Germany And Everything Keeps Getting Worse For Its Users (20)
06:41 Senators Ask FCC Why It Did Nothing To Stop Their Names From Being Fraudulently Used During Net Neutrality Repeal (70)
03:36 FBI Admits It's Been Using A Highly-Inflated Number Of Locked Devices To Push Its 'Going Dark' Narrative (39)


19:32 Chicago Wins 'Most Corrupt City' Award Due In No Small Part To Its Awful Redlight Camera System (29)
15:41 Copyright Being Used To Prevent Actress From Showing Her Own Demo Reel (46)
13:27 President Trump Thinks Basic Phone Security Is Simply Too Inconvenient (59)
12:00 ACLU Obtains Documents Showing Amazon Is Handing Out Cheap Facial Recognition Tech To Law Enforcement (34)
11:55 Daily Deal: Disconnect Premium Subscription (0)
09:30 Last Chance! The Kickstarter For CIA: Collect It All Ends At Midnight! (3)
06:26 Verizon Begins 'Testing' DSL Usage Caps It Refuses To Call Usage Caps (39)
03:23 Courts Says CIA Can Dump Classified Info To Members Of The Public And Still Deny They've Been Publicly Released (16)


19:45 HBO Wins Stupid Copyright, Trademark Lawsuit Brought By Graffiti Artist Over 2 Seconds Of Background Scenery (30)
15:33 Real Security Begins At Home (On Your Smartphone) (10)
12:00 One Day Left To Get Your Copy Of CIA: Collect It All On Kickstarter! (3)
10:45 Rupert Murdoch Believes In The Free Market... Until His Company Is Struggling: Then He Wants To Regulate Competitors (42)
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