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03:27 After Four Years Of Failing To Bring Its Plan To Completion, UK Government Pulls Out Of Porn Blockade Effort (27)


19:28 Adobe Announces Plan To Essentially Steal Money From Venezuelans Because It 'Has To' Due To US Sanctions (55)
15:29 Guy Who Tried To Extort YouTubers With Bogus DMCA Takedowns Agrees To Settlement (23)
13:26 Working Futures: The Cards Behind The Stories (7)
11:57 Report On Global Social Media Censorship Shows Russia, India, And Turkey Are Still Leading The Censor Pack (15)
10:44 Canadian Broadcasting Company Hits Conservative Party With Questionable Copyright Infringement Lawsuit (23)
10:39 Daily Deal: Luminar 3 Photography Software (0)
09:43 Marc Benioff Calls For Section 230 To Be Abolished At The Same Time His Company Is Relying On 230 To Get Out Of A Lawsuit (58)
06:37 States Rush To Protect Net Neutrality On Heels Of Court Ruling (19)
03:31 The Ultimate Aim Of China's 2016 Cybersecurity Law Is Now Clear: Nothing Digital Can Be Secret From The Authorities (21)


19:27 After All That, Sony Unceremoniously Rolls Out PS4 Remote Play To All Android Devices (3)
15:53 Portland Police Review Board Says It's OK For Officers To Lie To Get Someone To Stop Filming Them (45)
13:39 New Bill Would Force Hardware Makers To Disclose Hidden Mics, Cameras (38)
12:17 Tennessee Deputy Sued Twice In The Same Day Over A Roadside Anal Search And A Forced Baptism (34)
10:44 Low Cost Phones Are Turning Privacy Into A Luxury Option (18)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp (0)
09:38 Infamous Police Interrogation Firm Sues Netflix For Defamation Over Criticism Of Its Interrogation Technique (13)
06:38 Top Myths About Content Moderation (90)
03:35 Cops Arrest 12-Year-Old For Pointing 'Finger Guns' At Classmates (157)


19:33 Blizzard's Face Plant Creates Marketing Opportunity For Companies With A Spine (30)
15:33 The City Of Baltimore Blew Off A $76,000 Ransomware Demand Only To Find Out A Bunch Of Its Data Had Never Been Backed Up (44)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 229: Pirate Shaming Lists Don't Work (5)
12:06 Thanks Blizzard: Riot Games Forced To Let Everyone Know They're Allowed To Use Hong Kong's LoL Team's Name (8)
10:44 Cop Peforming A Welfare Check Kills Woman By Shooting Her Through Her Own Backyard Window (284)
10:39 Daily Deal: DarwinMail Pro Lite Plan (0)
09:33 Elizabeth Warren's Feud With Facebook Over 'False' Ads Just Highlights The Impossibility Of Content Moderation At Scale (73)
06:19 Wireless Industry Is Trying To Hide Where 5G Is Actually Available (21)


09:00 Working Futures: The Future Of Work May Be Beautiful (1)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (14)


12:00 This Week In... Working Futures (46)
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