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10:34 Daily Deal: Interactive Coding Bootcamp (0)
09:32 NRA Trademark Complaint Over Yes Men Parody Takes Down 38,000 Websites (23)
08:35 Another Terrorist Watchlist Leaks, This One Compiled By Thomson Reuters (19)
06:33 Kickbacks And Legal Tricks Are Protecting Mega-ISPs From Apartment Broadband Competition (19)
03:27 You'll Never Guess Which Portmanteau Everyone Is Suddenly Trying To Trademark (29)


23:23 TAFTA/TTIP Just Got Harder: Brexit Is 'A Midsummer Night's Nightmare' Says EU Trade Commissioner (34)
17:00 DailyDirt: Fountains Of Youth... (2)
15:42 Under Cable Lobbying Assault, FCC Commissioners Waffling On Cable Box Competition Plan (24)
14:12 With The Brexit In The Bag, 'Vote Leave' Starts Vanishing Away Its Promises And Faulty Math (59)
12:46 Texas Judge Indicted For Making Secret 10-Year Deal With Red Light Camera Company (23)
11:54 Lessons From The Downfall Of A $150M Crowdfunded Experiment In Decentralized Governance (10)
10:41 Xbox Fitness Users Shelled Out Big Bucks For Workout Programs They'll Soon Be Totally Unable To Use (35)
10:35 Daily Deal: Mighty Mug Stainless Steel Travel Mug (0)
09:35 Malibu Media Sues Its Former Lawyer Over Missing Funds, Breach Of Bar Rules (10)
08:40 Guy Asks Indian Supreme Court To Ban Encrypted WhatsApp... Because People Plan Raves With It (12)
06:19 Hillary Clinton's Intellectual Property Platform: Too Vague & Confusing (21)
03:21 After Multi-Month Tone Deaf Shitshow, Microsoft Finally Lets Users Control Obnoxious Windows 10 Upgrade (91)


23:23 US Suddenly Discovers Why Supranational Tribunals Are A Problem, Just As It Starts Losing In Them (24)
17:00 DailyDirt: Racing Into Space Again... (2)
15:44 Two Judges Punch Holes In Copyright Trolls' Claims That An IP Address Is The Same Thing As A Person (13)
14:08 Twitter Deletes SCOTUSblog Twitter Account Briefly Thinking Its Running Of The Trolls Meant It Was Hacked (7)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 79: What's Next For Net Neutrality? (4)
11:45 Appeals Court Rejects Revenge Pornster's Appeal; Another Bad Section 230 Ruling (10)
10:39 Airbnb Goes To Court To Stop San Francisco's New Anti-Airbnb Law (30)
10:34 Daily Deal: The Complete Machine Learning Bundle (2)
09:26 Hillary Clinton's Tech Policy Plan Includes Some Empty Broadband Promises And A Continued War On Encryption (49)
08:27 This Song Belongs To You And Me: Lawsuit Filed To Declare Woodie Guthrie's Classic In The Public Domain (38)
06:18 Senate Hearing Shows Cable Companies Routinely Overbill Customers, Do Little To Correct Errors (17)
03:20 Another Dumb Idea Out Of The EU: Giving Robots & Computers Copyright (83)


23:23 Senator Wyden Puts A Hold On Intelligence Authorization Bill To Block FBI Warrantless Surveillance (17)
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