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19:26 New 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Game Has Game Streamers Worried Over Integral Music In The Game (43)
15:29 New Jersey Supreme Court Says Attorney General Can Publish The Names Of Cops Who Committ Serious Misconduct (16)
13:32 House Transportation Committee Looking To Restart Federal Funding Of Red Light Cameras (13)
12:03 FCC Gives ISP $8,000 To Deliver Broadband Five Feet From Apple's $5 Billion Campus (16)
10:49 Australian Official Admits That Of Course Murdoch Came Up With Link Tax, But Insists The Bill Is Not A Favor To News Corp. (19)
10:44 Daily Deal: The World Traveler Bundle Featuring Rosetta Stone (0)
09:28 Canadian Privacy Commissioner Says RCMP Broke The Law By Doing Business With Clearview (3)
05:54 Recent Antitrust Push Is Weirdly Narrow, Pretends Telecom And Banking Don't Exist (6)


20:48 After Eight Years And Three Reviews Of The Case, Indiana Supreme Court Rules Police Must Return Seized Car To Its Owner (23)
15:49 Content Moderation Case Study: YouTube Relocates Video Accused Of Inflated Views (2014) (2)
13:47 FBI's Recovery Of Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin Ransom Highlights How The 'Ban Crypto To Stop Ransomware' Cries Were Wrong Again (29)
12:10 Think Tech Companies Are Too Monopolistic? Then Stop Giving Them Patent Monopolies (6)
10:45 FBI Ignored Its Own Warrant And Search Policies To Seize Millions From People's Safety Deposit Boxes (27)
10:40 Daily Deal: HyperGear Quake Wireless Speaker with Built-in Power Bank (0)
09:42 AT&T Whines About Biden Focus On Community Broadband (19)
06:33 FBI Director Ignores More Than 500 Ongoing Capitol Raid Prosecutions To Complain That Encryption Is Keeping Criminals From Being Caught (23)


19:47 Nintendo Hates You And The Company Most Certainly Does Not Want You To Co-Stream 'Nintendo Direct' (104)
15:44 Police Union, Lax Oversight Allow Florida Cop To Survive Three Arrests And Seven Firings (20)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 286: How GirlCon Is Fighting To Empower Women In Tech (8)
12:02 Consumer Groups Get Punchy As Biden Team Lags On Staffing FCC, Restoring Net Neutrality (6)
10:59 Biden, DOJ Say No More Targeting Journalists, But Aren't Doing Anything To Keep It From Happening Again (4)
10:54 Daily Deal: Alpe Audio -- Bite-Size Audio Courses On the Go (0)
09:37 If David Cicilline Gets His Way; It Would Destroy Content Moderation (124)
05:29 Add Microsoft And Another Congressional Staffer To The List Of Entities Targeted In Trump DOJ Leak Investigations (10)


19:51 Geigner's Effect: CDPR Breach Worse Than Originally Reported, Because Of Course (20)
15:40 Study Shows Disney, Netflix Continue To Dominate Traditional TV In Customer Satisfaction (9)
13:34 High School Responds To Student's Prank By Asking Local Law Enforcement To Step In And Investigate (16)
12:13 Chinese Government Now Using National Security Law To Censor Art Being Displayed In Hong Kong (37)
10:52 Hypocrisy: Rupert Murdoch Has Always Hated Antitrust; But Now He Wants It Used Against Internet Companies Who Out Innovated Him (18)
10:47 Daily Deal: The 2021 CompTIA Master Training Bundle (0)
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