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stories filed under: "books"


by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
books, children's books, piracy


by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
books, ebooks, economics, pricing


by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
books, copyright, fair use, scanning


Free Speech

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
books, censorship, gaming, kindle


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15:33 Director Of Thor: Ragnarok Pirated Clips For His Sizzle Reel (42)
13:32 Why (Allegedly) Defamatory Content On WordPress.com Doesn't Come Down Without A Court Order (32)
12:00 New Jersey The Latest State To Protect Net Neutrality By Executive Order (28)
10:39 Single-Pixel Tracker Leads Paranoid Turkish Authorities To Wrongly Accuse Over 10,000 People Of Treason (26)
10:34 Daily Deal: PocketSmith Subscriptions (1)
09:00 On The Internet, Everyone Is A Creator (19)
06:28 FCC Report Falsely Claims Killing Net Neutrality Already Helping Broadband Competition (67)
03:25 Court Shuts Down Trooper's Attempt To Portray New-ish Minivans With Imperfect Drivers As Justification For A Traffic Stop (163)


19:27 BrewDog Beats Back Trademark Action From The Elvis Presley Estate (25)
15:33 Classified Cabinet Docs Leak Down Under Via An Actual Cabinet Sale... Just As Aussies Try To Outlaw Leaking (22)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 153: An Interview With Rep. Zoe Lofgren (5)
12:02 Moderation Is The Commodity (16)
10:41 Hacker Lauri Love Wins Extradition Appeal; Won't Be Shipped Off To The US (26)
10:36 Daily Deal: WhiteSmoke Premium (2)
09:34 Canadian Privacy Commissioner Report Says Existing Law Already Gives Canadians A Right To Be Forgotten (8)
06:14 Trump's FCC Pats Itself On The Back For A Historically Stupid Year (45)
03:14 Missouri Governor Sued Over His Office's Use Of Self-Destructing Communications (23)


19:44 Two Years Later, Bell's Brewery Finally Fails To Bully A Tiny Brewery Out Of Its Legitimate Trademark (17)
15:38 Tarnishing The History Of Martin Luther King Jr.: Copyright Enforcement Edition (29)
13:25 Putting Pinners First: How Pinterest Is Building Partnerships For Compassionate Content Moderation (17)
11:53 Study Suggests Shutting Down Filesharing Sites Would Hurt Music Industry, New Artists (23)
10:46 'Catalog Of Missing Devices' Compiles The Useful Tech Products DRM Is Preventing Us From Owning (53)
10:41 Daily Deal: Takieso Walnut Qi Charger (0)
09:37 Public School Board Member Threatens Boss Of Woman Who Spoke Out Against School Book Banning (39)
06:37 Devin Nunes Releases Memo That Doesn't Show The Surveillance Abuses He Hypocritically 'Cares' About (333)
03:38 Push Resumes For An EU Google Tax, With The Bulgarian Government Leading The Way (39)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (11)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: January 28th - February 3rd (1)


19:39 Hong Kong's Top Cop Wants To Make It Illegal To Insult Police Officers (22)
15:32 Come Witness The Commentators That Help The NFL Fool The Public About Its 'Super Bowl' Trademark Rights (28)
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