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15:36 Texas Court Says City, PD Must Answer Questions About Botched Drug Raid Led By A Crooked Cop (26)
13:36 Those Ex-Theranos Patents Look Really Bad; Contest Opened To Find Prior Art To Get Them Invalidated (9)
12:05 TikTok Users In China Temporarily Banned For Speaking Their Own Cantonese Language Instead Of Using The Official Mandarin (3)
10:44 World's Worst Copyright Trolling Lawyer, Richard Liebowitz, Files Lawsuit Against Ellen Barkin For Posting Photo Of Herself (14)
10:39 Daily Deal: Boxne SSD Hosting Lite Plan (1)
09:38 Controversial Spyware Vendor NSO Group Is Helping The Israeli Government Spy On Its Own Citizens (8)
06:38 The T-Mobile Merger Closes, Highlighting Vast U.S. Media, Legal, And Policy Failures (6)
03:31 EU Says That, No, Rental Car Companies Don't Need To Pay A License To Rent Cars With Radios That Might Play Music (42)


19:53 Strange Times: During The COVID-19 Outbreak, Evictions Get A Pause...In Final Fantasy 14 (40)
15:35 Judge Benchslaps Cops And Courts For Turning Law Enforcement Lies Into 'Objectively Reasonable' Mistakes (25)
13:36 Ex-FCC Staffer Says FCC Authority Given Up In Net Neutrality Repeal Sure Would Prove Handy In A Crisis (12)
12:00 Senator Loeffler's COVID-Related Stock Trades Looking Even Worse, While Feds Start Investigating Senator Burr's (22)
10:44 New Inspector General's Report Finds Even More Problems With The FBI's FISA Surveillance Applications (12)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide To Cybersecurity Bundle (0)
09:38 Senator Blumenthal Is Super Mad That Zoom Isn't Actually Offering The End To End Encryption His Law Will Outlaw (20)
06:36 Saudi Arabia Exploiting Wireless SS7 Flaw to Track Targets In The United States (7)
03:32 Teleconferencing Company Zoom Pitching End-To-End Encryption That Really Isn't End-To-End (14)


20:00 Court Manages To Get NBA2K Tattoo Copyright, Trademark Case Exactly Right (10)
15:45 Security And Privacy In A Brave New Work From Home World (12)
13:33 Virginia Court Reaffirms The Right To Give Cops The Finger (21)
11:59 Democrats Being Blocked From Advertising On Trump's Failed COVID-19 Response Due To Content Moderation Rules (37)
10:45 Court Tells Lying Cops That Someone Asserting Their Rights Isn't 'Reasonably Suspicious' (37)
10:40 Daily Deal: Integrity Training -- Online Workforce Courses (0)
09:31 How Do You Moderate COVID-19 Misinformation When It's Coming From Official Sources? (26)
06:38 Broadband Speeds Dip In Major Cities Due To Covid-19 (5)
03:35 Appeals Court Tells Baltimore PD To Start Coughing Up Information About Its Cell Site Simulators (14)


19:47 Florida Atlantic University Suddenly Decides Owl Tutoring's Name Is Trademark Infringement After Over A Decade (16)
14:28 Tone Deaf: Using COVID-19 As A Prop To Celebrate The Death Of Net Neutrality (24)
12:19 We Know The FBI Can't Count Phones. A New Report Shows It Can't Count Guns And Ammo Either. (19)
11:00 Publishers And Authors Misguided Freakout Over Internet Archive's Decision To Enable More Digital Book Checkouts During A Pandemic (69)
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