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03:24 Florida Sheriff's 'Intelligence-Led Policing' Effort Is Nothing More Than A Targeted Harassment Program (14)


20:02 The Decades-Long Trademark Dispute Over 'Pretzel Crisps' Comes To Its Obvious End (12)
15:39 Most Used Electric Car Buyers Have No Way To Confirm Vehicle Battery Health (34)
14:04 Instagram's Big Experiment With De-Prioritizing 'Likes' Fizzles As Some People Apparently Really Like 'Likes' (0)
12:03 FBI, Australian Police Ran A Backdoored Encrypted Chat Service For Three Years (6)
10:56 State Court Confirms The Obvious: There's No Expectation Of Privacy In Text Messages Sent To Other People (10)
10:50 Daily Deal: The Essential Microsoft SQL Server Training Bundle (0)
09:35 Not As Surprising As You May Think: Garland DOJ Says That Trump Denying Raping E. Jean Carroll Was Official Presidential Business (12)
05:27 Detroit The Latest City Forced To Cobble Together Working Internet Thanks To Telecom Market Failure (18)


20:31 Denuvo Is Still Claiming It's In The Anti-Piracy Business Even As Games Continue To Strip Out Denuvo Post-Launch (25)
15:34 Content Moderation Case Study: Pretty Much Every Platform Overreacts To Content Removal Stimuli (2015) (23)
13:27 Ring Will Now Require Law Enforcement Requests For Camera Footage To Be Made Publicly (9)
11:58 Map Of The Internet Exposes The Lie That 'Big Tech' Controls The Internet (51)
10:47 After Multiple Reports Of DOJ Targeting Journalists' Communications, The DOJ Finally Says It Will Stop Targeting Journalists (12)
10:42 Daily Deal: ScaffoldHub Developer Plan Subscription (0)
09:38 Data Analysis Shows That Trump's Messages Still Received Tons Of Attention; Though His Disinformation Doesn't Travel As Far (41)
06:29 FTC Gives MoviePass Execs A Wrist Slap For Changing Passwords So Users Couldn't Watch Movies (17)
03:23 Citizen Drops Its Plan To Become Private Cops, Claims It Was Never Interested In Forming A Private Security Force (13)


20:05 Three Years After An Officer Killed A Suicidal Teen, Law Enforcement Releases Report That Raises More Questions (21)
15:37 Why The Ninth Circuit's Decision In Lemmon V. Snap Is Wrong On Section 230 And Bad For Online Speech (46)
13:31 Chief Publishing Lobbyist Maria Pallante Claims Copyright Is 'Under Assault' At Annual Meeting (35)
12:03 Ohio Files Bizarre And Nonsensical Lawsuit Against Google, Claiming It's A Common Carrier; But What Does That Even Mean? (59)
10:43 Conservatives Want Common Carriage. They're Not Going to Like It. (63)
10:38 Daily Deal: The All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle (0)
09:38 CNET Amplifies FCC's Carr's Attempt To Force 'Big Tech' To Pay 'Big Telecom' For No Reason (22)
06:31 Facebook Says Trump's 'Indefinite' Suspension Is Now Two Years Off The Platform, And Then It'll See If He'll Behave (16)
03:28 FBI Ignores Internal Guidelines To Target Readers Of Reporting On The Shooting Of FBI Agents (Updated) (12)


20:05 European Commission Betrays Internet Users By Cravenly Introducing Huge Loophole For Copyright Companies In Upload Filter Guidance (24)
15:45 Alabama Deputy Sued After Cuffing An Arrestee So Tightly His Hand Had To Be Amputated (34)
13:33 Does Taking Down Content Lead Ignorant People To Believe It's More Likely To Be True? (87)
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